Life Testimony & Sharing by Mr. Thomas Kwok

It is our honour to have invited Mr. Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong to have a life testimony and sharing with our students on 28th May, 2019. Though being a property tycoon, Mr. Kwok said that he had experienced lots of ups and downs in his life, and it was God, who brought him peace and joy during his adversities. He encouraged students to have faith in God, and they would see the glory and blessings of God in their lives. Mr. Kwok’s life story was truly inspiring and motivational. We were all impresse [......]

Confluence: An ensemble of ELT pedagogies

Mr Cheung Pak Ki (Assistant Principal / English Department Head) was one of the speakers at Confluence: An ensemble of ELT pedagogies, organized by Baptist University, where he introduced Reading Plus, a school-based pedagogy in which each text is approached with detailed analysis, questions involving high-order thinking and heightened grammar awareness as well as mastery of writing skills. Interaction with scholars and frontline English teachers across the territory took place and it was indeed [......]

KTL 70th Anniversary Walkathon

The 70th Anniversary Walkathon was successfully held at the Pak Shek Kok Promenade on 23rd May, 2019. The great success was due to the concerted efforts of students, staff, parents and friends of True Light. We would like to thank everyone who supported the Walkathon in different ways – as donors, volunteers and participants. This has contributed not only to a better learning environment for our students, but also greater unity among all members of True Light.


KTL Joint Section 70th Anniversary Variety Show

Our school proudly presented a variety show showcasing the versatile musical, dancing and acting talents of its students, present and past, in the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections, in celebration of its 70th anniversary at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 25 May, 2019. The audience was visually and audibly impressed by a repertoire of performances by our school choirs, orchestras, Chinese dance, Jazz dance, Zheng, English drama co-organized with Ying Wa [......]

Outstanding Girl Guides Election

Congratulations to 5B Wong Yee Hang on receiving the award of “Outstanding Girl Guide” in the Outstanding Girl Guide Election 2019, appreciating her leadership and self-discipline, on 18 May 2019.

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018-2019

Our English Debate Team members (4A Grace Wong, 4A Gabbie Chan and 4A Sarah Ching) has won in Round 2 of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018-2019 (Term 2, Division 1, EMI Schools) against Fukien Secondary School on the motion about extension of human lifespan. Congratulations to the three debaters and we wish them best of luck in the final round of the competition.

Student Winning the First Runner-up in a Creative Writing Competition

S5A WU Ying-chit won the first runner-up in a creative writing competition “陳贊一博士聯校微型小說創作比賽”. She read her work at the prize-giving ceremony and shared her experience in creative writing. Her work will also be complied into a book.

Online Conference with Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Senior High School

As a highlight of the Academic Week(14/5 – 17/5), a group of S4 students had a chance to attend an online conference with students from Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Senior High School. KTL students and their Kyoto counterparts introduced some traditions of their respective home town. Towards the end some of our students even chatted with their new Japanese friends in fluent Japanese.


Academy for Fledgling Talents: Closing Ceremony cum Parents Seminar of Gifted Education

This year Learning and Teaching Committee set up Academy for Fledgling Talents, where a series of workshops were conducted throughout the year, targeting gifted P5 and P6 students from schools across the territory. Celebrating their learning outcome, Closing Ceremony cum Parents Seminar of Gifted Education took place on May 14 evening. Renowned scholar/singer/author Dr CHAN Mei-ling Agnes was the Guest of Honor, sharing with us her view on parenting under the topic Onto the Future: Parents and P [......]

World Telecommunications Information Society Day 2019 Geocaching Competition

S4 ICT girls joined the World Telecommunications Information Society Day 2019 Geocaching Competition organized by CAHK on 11 May, 2019. Students are required to combine the skills of using mobile devices to search for routes, getting accurate GPS locations, searching for correct answers and most importantly to exercise their team work. Congratulations to our students! They beat 47 teams and won the champion of this event.