School and Home Energy Saving Scheme (17/9/2013)

This year, the theme of the Environmental Education Committee is to ‘Reduce Waste, Cut Energy Use’.  In addition to holding a range of activities, the school has participated in the ‘School and Home Energy Saving Scheme’ organized by CLP Power HK Limited.  It aims to encourage students to cultivate energy saving habits both at school and at home so that you can lead a green life. The school has joined the scheme.  Please join us with your family!

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Letter to parents

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Staff Retreat (21/8/2013)

Staff Retreat

Date: 21- 8 -2013 (Wednesday)

Venue: School Hall of Kowloon True Light School (Primary Section)

After taking a break during the summer holiday, all the teaching staff of the primary and the secondary sections of the school had their staff retreat in the school hall of the primary section. It was our pleasure to have Rev. Chan King Yu, Chaplain of Tung Chung Ling Liang Church and Ling Liang Church Primary and Secondary Schools, to give us a talk on “God’s love, Love God”. In the fel [......]

Swimming Gala Essentials and Announcement of E.C.A & M.I.(16/9/2013)

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Swimming Gala Essentials
Announcement of E.C.A & M.I.

2013-2014 Extra-curricular Activities Introduction (10/9/2013)

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Extra-curricular Activities Introduction

36th (2012-2014) P.T.A. Activities

36th (2012-2014) P.T.A. Activities
36th (2012-2013) P.T.A. Activities
36th (2013-2014) P.T.A. Activities Link

KTL Special 2012

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KTL Special 2012 (5th issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (4th issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (3rd issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (2nd issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (1st issue)
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2012-2013 Highlights & Events


22 Jul 2013
2013-2014 S1 Class Allocation

36th P.T.A. Activities

17 Jul 2013
KTL Special 2012

9 Jul 2013

School Closing Ceremony


3-5 Jul 2013

Summer Leadership Training Camp


29 Jun 2013

The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2013


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Evening of the “Ai Wan” Form Council


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Ceremony


18 Jun 2013

"Faith in Love" KTL Girls Sending [......]

School Closing Ceremony (9/7/2013)

School Closing Ceremony 2012-2013
Kowloon True Light School Closing Ceremony was held in our school hall on 9th July, 2013. Our principal addressed our students with a review of the school year. Then, our principal, the Chairman of the PTA, Mr. KW Au and our vice-principals presented the awards to the students with outstanding performance in different areas. The closing ceremony was a wonderful occasion for guests, teachers and students to enjoy themselves.

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Summer Leadership Training Camp (3-5/7/2013)





The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2013 (29/6/2013)

Our Music Department has participated in the Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2013, organized by CCC Kei Tsz Primary School (EDB IT in Education Centre of Excellence) and Hong Kong Art Music Society and a total of 6 pieces of our students’ works have entered the final.

New Song
Composer & Arranger



4B Lo Man Ting

4B Lo Man Ting, 4B Chi Sze Yan

First Runner-up

Dear friends

4A Li Jess

4A Kwok Ka Man, 4A Chan Tung Yu

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