Personal Growth

Singing Contest (29/11/2016)

The annual singing contest was organized by the Student Union on 29th November, 2016. The amazing performances of the girls showcased the various talents of our students. The adjudicators, Mr. Jim Kiu Hong and Heartbeat Station who are up-and-coming singers, were greatly impressed by their performances. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances of our talented girls. Congratulations to all prizewinners!


Swimming Gala (24/11/2016)

The annual swimming gala was successfully held at Kwun Tong Swimming Pool on 24th November, 2016. The weather was fine, and all the events took place successfully and safely. Every contestant has done a wonderful job to show her potential and achieve her goal. Besides the support from parents, the cheering for the contestants by the spectators was unceasing all over the events. An air of festivity was felt around the swimming pool.


Joyful Fruit Day (17/11/2016)

In order to raise students’ awareness of healthy living, a Joyful Fruit Day was conducted on 17th November, 2017. Both junior and senior classes brought different kinds of fruits back to school hoping to win the “Most Variety of Fruit” inter-class competition. Besides, many students and staff had fun in the “Fruits in the Bottle” guessing game. It is hoped that all students and staff will eat some fruits every day and have a healthy lifestyle.


A Visit by Guangzhou True Light (9-10/11/2016)

27 students and teachers from Guangzhou True Light visited out school on 9th and 10th November, 2016. Besides joining our campus tour, they had first-hand experience of studying in Hong Kong by attending lessons with our Secondary 4 and 5 students. Not only was this a wonderful academic and cultural exchange for students and teachers in both Guangzhou and Kowloon True Light, it also helped forge a stronger relationship between us.


S4 Form Assembly-Miss True Light Star (17/10/2016)

S4 Form Assembly, named Miss True Light Star, was held on 17 October 2016. The class presidents of the five classes helped arrange various activities including spelling bee, pictionary, simulation drama and Q&A. Both the contestants and audience enjoyed the competition in which they could learn English in a fun way and have more chances to use the language.


S4 Learning Day (15/10/2016)

Last Saturday, all S4 students went to school and joined the S4 Learning Day. On that day, various talks about learning, managing emotions, building character and developing problem-solving skills were held by our teachers, former students and social workers.

The first part of the program was led by our Vice Principal, Miss Ho, talking about how students should prioritize our time for revision and rest, striving for a work-life balance. She further shared with us the best way to revise effectiv [......]

Hymns Sharing and Student Christian Fellowship Inauguration (07/10/2016)

The call to leadership is a call to discipleship. Christian leaders are given the responsibility to not only lead well, but to invest in the next generation so that they can carry on the gospel task. In 2 Timothy, Christian leaders are commanded to “guard the good deposit” of the gospel in themselves and in those who they will pass the torch to. Hence, here comes our Hymns Sharing and Student Christian Fellowship Inauguration.

Our school’s Christian leaders serving in the previous academic [......]

Debut for the School Debate Team (06/10/2016)

Taking weeks of intensive preparation, our school’s S.5 English Debate Team members, Desiree Lam, Kobe Chan from 5A and Rachelle Chan from 5B, were in full gear to make their debut match in the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition (2016-17). We were the affirmative team and Stewards Pooi Kei College was the opposition team. The motion was that this house would actively clamp down on unauthorized subdivided housing in Hong Kong, and our team’s line was that it is the right thing to do [......]

Blood Donation Day (06/10/2016)

A blood donation day was held successfully on 6th October, 2016. This meaningful event was organized by Hong Kong Red Cross and it took place in our school hall. Many generous students came to participate. The donation took just 7-12 minutes. After donating blood, students could rest and enjoy the drinks and snacks provided to replenish the fluid lost.

Donating blood helps to keep an adequate storage of blood for the treatment of patients with chronic diseases or people in need of surgery becaus [......]

Inauguration Ceremony (04/10/2016)

The Student Union, the Student Fellowship and the prefects were formally inaugurated on 4th October, 2016. After a sharing session from the former chairladies, Principal Lee lit their candles, which they then passed on to the new holders of these positions. This light passing ceremony symbolizes the passing on of the serving spirit. Then, the student leaders took the pledge of office in front of Rev. Wu Ping-kit and their schoolmates. In her speech, Principal Lee shared her experiences of her se [......]