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S6 Form Fellowship (13/11/2017)

Being the last year in the secondary school, and facing the challenge of HKDSE, S6 students may feel stressed. In the S6 Form Fellowship, S6 students led their classmates to sing hymns, listening to the words of God and playing games. It brings joy and peace to them.

God’s Love to Hong Kong (01/12/2017)

To touch the lives of the citizens and expatriates in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Gospel Festival held one of the biggest evangelical events—“God’s Love to Hong Kong”. Our form one and two students are so blessed that we could be part of it and listened to HIS message on 1 December 2017. The session we attended is mainly for secondary school students, motivating us to love ourselves and also others. We can fully feel the love and presence of our Lord.


Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (18/09/2017)

Today’s morning assembly was run by our Student Fellowship (SF), giving us a lot of warmth and surprise. The SF leaders first led us to sing praises to God, pray for all the teachers and students, especially new teachers and S.1 students, who are becoming adapted to the new environment smoothly. Then, having introduced us to the arrangement of this year’s student fellowship meetings, they gave every S.1 girl warm gifts—a welcome card followed by a welcome song.


Teachers’ Spiritual Enrichment Program (25/10/2017)

The first Teachers’ Spiritual Enrichment Program was held on 25th October, 2017. Our school takes care of the spiritual health of teachers and we believe that their spiritual health bring spiritual blessings to their students. Therefore, the program, which was taught by Principal Lee and Vice-Principle Ho, brings new teachers to know more about God and refreshes them spiritually through sharing.


Education Services (18/09/2017)

It was our Education Services on 17 September 2017. On this special occasion, principals, teachers and students from Kowloon True Light School (Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten sections) gathered together and gave praise to our Lord, blessing us a fruitful school year and safeguarding everyone. Pastor Yung ended the whole ceremony by quoting verses from Romans chapter 14, stressing the unity by accepting and respecting one another, echoing what we believe as True Light bearers.


Graduation Camp and Gospel Camp (June-July 2017)

To enhance the team spirit and get prepared for the new university school life of our sixth former, the Career and Guidance Committe organized a Graduation camp for them at HKFYG Jockey Club Sai Jung Outdoor Training Camp from 19 to 21 June 2017. Through a serious of team-building and experiential learning. The S6 students further unite themselve and create unique bonding and chemtry, making them stick together to face any challenge ahead.

Besides, to nuture students’spirituality, led by [......]

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Alumna Book Release Inspires Us to Stay Happy by Helping Others (02/06/2017)

Miss Huang Tsui Ping, a centenarian of 104 years old, also an alumna of our True Light School, released a new book《生活如光100年》on 1st June 2017 at the flagship store of The Commercial Press, Tsim Sha Tsui Book Centre in Miramar Shopping Centre.

Miss Huang was the first female probation officer in Hong Kong. Deeply influenced by our school’s motto: ‘Thou art the light of the world’ (Matthew 5:14), she has been positively impacting the hearts and souls of many others who had been going as [......]

Thanksgiving Service in Memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (11/04/2017)

This year’s Thanksgiving Service in Memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was held on 11 April 2017. Today we remembered Jesus, who healed the sick and raised the dead, and gave HIM thanks for HIS love and grace. Our guest speaker was Rev. CHEUNG Yik-lung Victor, Minister-in-charge of CCC Cheung Lo Church. Pastor Cheung reminded us God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners—Christ died for us. No matter what happens, God is with us. HE is our shelter and strength and alwa [......]