Spiritual Growth

Canadian Week (15-17/03/2017)

This week we are honoured to have invited Miss Sarah, Jessie, Rachel and Mr Thomas from Vanguard College to share Canadian Cultures and talk with us. They helped us to recognize despite physical differences, all human populations are in fact similar that we all need love even though we live in different parts of the world. We want to say thank you very much for all you did for us and we wish you have a wonderful time in Hong Kong.


Religious School Assembly—Theme of the Year Musical (14/03/2017)

Aiming to demonstrate a sincere love for Jesus and one another to receive the encouragement of harmony and experience mutual acceptance among different schoolmates, our “Student Fellowship” committee members conducted the “Theme of the Year Musical”—Pursuing Dreams, Respecting Dreams on 14 March 2017. The message behind this musical is to help us understand the preciousness of sincere friendship and support when we are pursuing our goals. It is also an invaluable experience for the members to pe [......]

Religious Week (17/02/2017)

Religious Week took place from the 13th to the 17th of February, involving various religious activities including a hymn sharing, an evangelistic talk, booth games, fellowship meetings for our schoolmates to allow them to see the fun in knowing more about Christianity. Maybe you think these activities are related to tedious scriptures reading and boring rituals. Religious Week in fact offered an alternative approach, leading to the ignition of seeing God in a new way. The various activities allo [......]

A Visit to True Light Villa District Elderly Community Centre (03/02/2017)

Out of Christian love, we paid a visit to True Light Villa District Elderly Community and showed our concern to those less fortunate than us. The senior citizens have contributed almost their whole lives to our society and we would like to repay them with respect and reverence. The service also helps promote the spirit of care and respect for older persons, and contributes to the building of an age-friendly community.


Games Day, Christmas Services & Celebration (22-23/12/2016)

To enhance the class team spirit, our Annual Games Day was held on 22 December, 2016. A series of inter-class competitions were organized by the Student Union in the playground. Every competition was successfully run as students from each class participated enthusiastically showing their talent as well as their full support to the classmates. The day was filled with excitement and joy.

Besides, it is our annual tradition to host the Christmas Services & Celebration to celebrate Christmas. [......]

Parents’ Academy (Lesson 4) (17/12/2016)

We are honoured to have invited Miss Zandra Mok Yee-tuen, a renowned journalist and writer, to come to our school and share with our parents some useful parenting skills based on Christian values. Zandra reminded all of us again our Lord looks on the heart, not on the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16:7). We should teach our children patiently and instill the value of being grateful in them so that they will treasure everything they receive but not take it for granted.


Parents’ Academy (Lesson 3) (26/11/2016)

We are honoured to have invited Pastor Lau Wing to share with us his recipe of communicating with his family members, which is all out of love from our Lord. Pastor Lau’s effective ways to make a fun presentation that are not only enjoyable, but also informative. We all benefit hugely from his sharing.


Parents’ Academy (Lesson 2) (22/10/2016)

We are honoured to have invited Mrs. IP LAU Wing Shuen, Lydia, Specialist from Education Bureau, to give our parents some useful tips and advice on coping with stress and anxiety. After her sharing, Principal Lee also shared her experience of dealing with difficulties in life with our parents, supporting and encouraging one another.


Hymns Sharing and Student Christian Fellowship Inauguration (07/10/2016)

The call to leadership is a call to discipleship. Christian leaders are given the responsibility to not only lead well, but to invest in the next generation so that they can carry on the gospel task. In 2 Timothy, Christian leaders are commanded to “guard the good deposit” of the gospel in themselves and in those who they will pass the torch to. Hence, here comes our Hymns Sharing and Student Christian Fellowship Inauguration.

Our school’s Christian leaders serving in the previous academic [......]

Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (19/09/2016)

Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (19/09/2016)

Today’s morning assembly was run by our Student Fellowship (SF), giving us a lot of warmth and surprise. The SF leaders first led us to sing praises to our Heavenly Father, saying a prayer to bless all of us, especially new teachers and S.1 students, who are becoming adapted to the new environment smoothly. Then, having introduced us to the arrangement of this year’s student fellowship meetings, they gave every S.1 girl a surprise—a welcome car [......]