Spiritual Growth

Morning Assembly—Hymn/Bible Sharing (05/09/2016)

We were honoured to have invited Rev. Cheung Yik Lung to lead the first morning assembly of the school year. Pastor Cheung started it with a thought-provoking question: In life does everything happen for a reason or randomly? He reminded every one of us of the truth that we should not forget our Lord who has given us all things and we should be grateful and make full use of every single day. It is just as Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” W [......]

Staff Retreat (23/08/2016)

After taking a break during the summer holiday, all the teaching staff of the primary and the secondary sections had their staff retreat in our school hall. Our Chaplain, Miss Lee, first said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful vacation and asked for his blessings for the new academic year. This was followed by a welcoming speech from our Supervisor, Rev. Wu Ping Kit. It was also our pleasure to welcome the Reverend Cheung Yik Lung from CCC Cheung Lo Church to give us a talk on “Finding str [......]

Thanksgiving Service (15/3/2016)

Thanksgiving Service to Commemorate

the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

To commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a thanksgiving service was held during the school assembly on 15th March, 2016. We were honored to have invited Ms. Yu Fung-ping, Preacher of Cheung Lo Church, CCC, to be our speaker. Ms. Yu delivered a message on the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to save us all sinners. We were all impressed the real-life stories that Ms. Yu shared with us about how people sacrificed themse [......]

Evangelistic Talk (1/3/2016)

01-03-2016 Evangelistic Talk

Mr. Ho Kee Yau, Kay

At our annual Evangelistic Talk, we were delighted to be able to have Mr. Kay Ho to share his moving story with us. His sharing on love, marriage and wonderful grace given by God touched many students’ and teachers’ hearts, and his perfect singing and worship to God gave the Evangelistic Talk a perfect ending. Some of the students also had the opportunity to conduct an interview with the actor and singer himself, so please look forward to our upco [......]

Christmas Services & Celebration (23/12/2015)

Christmas Services & Celebration, 23 December, 2015

It is our annual tradition to host the Christmas Services & Celebration to celebrate Christmas. On 23 December, all teachers and students gathered in the hall decorated in a very festive manner. Teachers and students took part in the Bible readings and intercessions. In the sermon, we were encouraged to count our blessings and appreciate what we have.

The highlight of the celebration was the fabulous performances, games and lucky draw o [......]

An Original Musical in Religious School Assembly(18/5)

An Original Musical in Religious School Assembly
“All things in their being are good for something”
Committees of our school fellowship have decided to create a musical following the theme of the year “Embrace Uniqueness, Uphold Collectiveness” and finally the musical titled “All things in their being are good for something” was put on stage on 12th May, 2015.
In the musical, the three characters having very different personalities underwent great changes in their lives after meeting God. They b [......]

Christmas Service & Celebration 2014-2015(25/12/2014)

Christmas Service & Celebration 2014-2015
The annual Christmas Service and Celebration has been successfully held. It was started with the warm melodies of Christmas carols and the sweet voices of our students spreading the love from God to every corner of the campus. Rev. Mok Kong Ting, the President of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and the Senior Pastor at Oi Kwan Road Baptist Church, was invited to deliver message on “Gifts from Wise Men”. The second part of the celebration was a ga [......]

Training workshop for Christian fellowship (8/2/2015)

More than fifty students and ten teachers joined the training workshop for Christian fellowship on 13/12/14 which was held by Kelvin Lai, the founder of Little Fire. The workshop is about team building and how to serve as a Christian. With students’ active participation, the training day is meant to be a great success.


Gospel Dinner in the year of the Horse (17/3/14)

Gospel Dinner in the year of the Horse

In the evening of 26th February, 2014, our Principal, Vice principals and around 30 teachers were invited to a gospel dinner organized by the Youth for Christ. It was such an honour to have the presence of our former Chief Secretary for Administration of the SARS, Mr. Stephen Lam Sui Lung, GBS JP, who shared his spiritual journey and his experience in overcoming various hurdles in his life with his faith in God. His political acumen and resilience shown whe [......]

A Visit to Noah’s Park (28/2/2014)

A Visit to Noah’s Park                                   Rosa Chu, 6C

It was an unforgettable memory for me! The items displayed opened our eyes.  When we saw the old bibles, over hundred years old, we felt surprised.

We played many other games too and had a chance to experience an earthquake!  It reminded me of the disasters in Sichuan and Japan.  I hope God will bless the victims’ family members.

Our highlight for the day was the tour leading us to go through the Bible story about Moses.  Then [......]