Talent Development

The School Variety Show (19/7/2014)

The School Variety Show

The School Variety Show was successfully held in the Academic Community Hall at the Hong Kong Baptist University on 18th and 19th July, 2014, to celebrate this year which is of particular significance to our school as it marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of our school being relocated to Hong Kong. Our school celebrated this historical moment with a showcase of artistic, musical and acting talent. The highlight of the show was the Chinese musical, The Love Story In The Fa [......]

The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2014 (10/7/2014)

Our Music Department has participated in The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2014 and five groups of students have enrolled in the final. Students have got satisfactory results with a champion, a second runner-up and three merit awards in the senior secondary section.


New Song




Composer:5A Kong Yan Yan、Lee Lok Yiu

Lyricist:   5A  Hui Dan Hung

Arranger: 5A  Kong Yan Yan

Singer ﹕  5A Chan Hoi kiu

Second Runner-up


Composer:4A Hon Y [......]

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014 (11/3/2014)

The annual drama festival was held on 7th March (Friday) in our school hall. Our school’s drama team had prepared for it for a couple of months and the members were all wildly excited about it. The term put their original play, Humanity, on stage on that day and it talks about a city without emotions and feelings. The performance finally ended in rounds of applause and it is hoped that the term can get a good result this year.


Joint School Drama Night (4/11/2013)

To enhance cultural exchange between schools, we joined hands with Ying Wa College to produce a splendid Drama Night to the audience on 28th September. We put our award-winning play, Illusions, on the stage again, but this is certainly a different one. We invited boys from Ying Wa College and St. Paul’s College to join in our play and it was such a fruitful experience for all the participants. The show was exceptionally spectacular and it finally ended in a cheerful mood with the applause of the [......]

Swimming Gala (19/9/2013)

The 12th Swimming Gala of Kowloon True Light

The school’s 12th Swimming Gala was successfully held on the 19th of September in the Morse Park Swimming Pool. A brief but solemn flag raising ceremony marked the beginning of the half- day event. Our School Chaplain, Ms. Lee then led a prayer to encourage all of our swimmers to try their best. Following the prayer came our principal, Ms. Lee’s marvellous speech. On behalf the school, she extended thanks to different parties, including teachers in ch [......]

Summer Leadership Training Camp (3-5/7/2013)