School Mass Events

School Visits to Hangzhou (26-29/03/2017)

Thanks to the Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme and Sister School Scheme, this year, a group of 17 teachers, led by Principal Lee, visited secondary schools including Hangzhou Senior High School and our sister school, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School, in Hangzhou in March in order to enhance our professional capacity through lesson observations and professional conferencing.

We also visited various scenic spots including West Lake, Eight Diagram Field, The Grand [......]

Inter-school Education Conference Programme (04/03/2017)

With the commitment to supporting and improving STEM education, teachers of True Light schools work collaboratively to ensure that all students have the chance to study and be inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics — and have the chance to reach their full potential.

On 4 March, 2017, an inter-school education conference was held at True Light Middle School of Hong Kong. The schools were honoured to have Dr. Chan Ka Ki, Catherine, Deputy Secretary for Education, giving an [......]

Athletics Meet (20 & 27/02/2017)

Our school’s 37th Athletics Meet was held at Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground on February 20 and 27.

On the first day, Miss Lee, our school chaplain, first prayed for fine weather and she encouraged all the athletes to try their best in the events.

Next, Principal Lee gave us an opening speech, highlighting the importance of perseverance and inviting the cheering teams to support their houses. This helped students inspire their self-confidence, enthusiasm and morale.

The second day, when all the final [......]

English and Debate Fun Learning Day (25/02/2017)

To help primary school students further develop their English language, our School Promotion Committee and English Department organized an English debate workshop and a debate demonstration on 25 February 2017. Our debate team members helped facilitate the workshop for more than 50 primary school pupils coming from 7 different schools. Apart from grasping debating techniques, it also encouraged creativity of thought and reinforced the understanding of language as a way to communicate meaning. Bo [......]

S.6 High Table Tea (17/02/2017)

Since Form Six students are leaving our school and getting ready for the public examination, a high table tea was arranged after school on 17th February to show our support to them. Principal Lee and teachers had sharing with Form Six students giving them tips and encouragement in facing the challenges on the HKDSE while enjoying the delicious refreshments.


Games Day, Christmas Services & Celebration (22-23/12/2016)

To enhance the class team spirit, our Annual Games Day was held on 22 December, 2016. A series of inter-class competitions were organized by the Student Union in the playground. Every competition was successfully run as students from each class participated enthusiastically showing their talent as well as their full support to the classmates. The day was filled with excitement and joy.

Besides, it is our annual tradition to host the Christmas Services & Celebration to celebrate Christmas. [......]

Information Day (18/12/2016)

Our school’s Information Day held on 18th December, 2016 was a big success. Over a thousand primary school students and parents visited our school to get to know more about us. In the school hall, there were two sessions of Information Talk in which S2 students had a sharing about their wonderful school life in True Light and gave a fantastic musical performance “Alice the Musical”. After that, our principal introduced to parents and students our school’s vision and mission, curriculum and other [......]

Guangzhou True Light 144th Anniversary Celebration cum the Opening Ceremony of the New Annex Building cum & C.C.C. Heep Woh Primary School 105th Anniversary Celebration (12-13/12/2016)

It’s a great honour to have been invited to attend Guangzhou True Light 144th Anniversary Celebration cum the Opening Ceremony of the New Annex Building cum & C.C.C. Heep Woh Primary School 105th Anniversary Celebration from 12 to 13 December 2016. Here are some of the selected photos of the above events:


Singing Contest (29/11/2016)

The annual singing contest was organized by the Student Union on 29th November, 2016. The amazing performances of the girls showcased the various talents of our students. The adjudicators, Mr. Jim Kiu Hong and Heartbeat Station who are up-and-coming singers, were greatly impressed by their performances. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performances of our talented girls. Congratulations to all prizewinners!


Primary Schools Basketball Competition (Kowloon True Light Cup) (26/11/2016)

There will be a series of activities celebrating the 145th anniversary of Kowloon True Light School. One of them was the Primary Schools Basketball Competition (Kowloon True Light Cup). We invited 6 primary schools to take part in this event which a great way for the students to sharpen the skills and strategies of playing basketball. They all had fun playing with their school friends while representing their schools too.