School Mass Events

KTLS Alumnae visited their Alma Mater (23/10/2016)

Kowloon True Light School’s alumnae from different graduating classes reunited with classmates and friends over the Weekend and went on a campus tour, visiting our refurbished creative media room, art room, playground and recalling their sweet school memories, where they belonged together.

The touring experience is exciting and exhilarating by itself. The marvel of the tour, however, is the everlasting friendships, relationships and memories formed in True Light. From a group of, basically [......]

Inauguration Ceremony (04/10/2016)

The Student Union, the Student Fellowship and the prefects were formally inaugurated on 4th October, 2016. After a sharing session from the former chairladies, Principal Lee lit their candles, which they then passed on to the new holders of these positions. This light passing ceremony symbolizes the passing on of the serving spirit. Then, the student leaders took the pledge of office in front of Rev. Wu Ping-kit and their schoolmates. In her speech, Principal Lee shared her experiences of her se [......]

2016-2017 Opening Ceremony (01/09/2016)

After the long summer vacation, everyone is filled with energy and is looking forward to the beginning of the school year. On the first school day, all students and teachers gathered at the school hall for the school’s opening ceremony. Our school chaplain, Ms. Lee Yuk-lin said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful vacation and asked for his blessings for the new academic year. Since it is the 145th anniversary of True Light, Principal Lee showed us lots of valuable pictures of the school and [......]

An online survey on Hong Kong Female Role Models

Dear all KTLS students

An online survey is conducted to collect your views about which female role model(s) in Hong Kong we should interview. You can choose more than one from the choices and/or click on “other” if you have other preferences. Please complete the survey by this Sunday (3/9), 11:59pm. Thank you very much in advance. Here is the link:

Staff Development Day (23/08/2016)

Aiming at strengthening the development of the school and enhancing the cohesion of staff members, the first Staff Development Day took place in the hall in the morning with our guest speak Mr. Lam Yuk Fai, Executive Director of Art Building Character Foundation Limited, sharing his belief that true education is not limited to the academic performance of our students, but to developing their character and potential, which could be achieved through the medium of art. A workshop was then conducted [......]

Staff Retreat (23/08/2016)

After taking a break during the summer holiday, all the teaching staff of the primary and the secondary sections had their staff retreat in our school hall. Our Chaplain, Miss Lee, first said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful vacation and asked for his blessings for the new academic year. This was followed by a welcoming speech from our Supervisor, Rev. Wu Ping Kit. It was also our pleasure to welcome the Reverend Cheung Yik Lung from CCC Cheung Lo Church to give us a talk on “Finding str [......]

2015-2016 Graduation Ceremony (30/6/2016)

Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections)

Graduation Ceremony 2015-2016

Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections) Graduation Ceremony 2015-2016 was held in our school hall on 30th June, 2016. The graduation ceremony is of vital importance to True Light girls as it is a time to celebrate the successful completion of a significant stage of life, a development phase of growing up. We were honoured to have invited Dr. Joseph Lee, GBS, OStJ, JP, the founder of Wo [......]

Graduation Evening (30/6/2016)

Graduation Evening

The Graduation Evening was held in the evening on the 30th June, 2016 in our school hall. The ceremony began with the Thanksgiving Service in which a traditional ceremony “Passing the Light” was held and the “Hang Po” Council of our Form 6 graduates was inaugurated. The highlight of the evening was a drama performance originally created and directed by our Form 6 graduates. The drama performance depicted their growth in True Light, bringing out the importance of treasuring f [......]

Anniversary Celebration and S1 Kick-off Ceremony (19/5/2016)

Happy Birthday to our beloved Kowloon True Light School! It was the 144th Anniversary of the school, and our students are ablaze in taking part to celebrate this huge event. We are honored to be able to have invited our school supervisor, directors, acclaimed alumni and celebrated guests to the school. We are especially delighted to be able to meet with educators, teachers and students from Guangzhou, sharing precious professional experiences. All of us gathered and praise our lord for his grace [......]

Athletics Meet (20/1/2016)

Annual Athletics Meet, 18 & 20 January, 2016

Back from the Christmas and New Year holiday, students were thrilled to participate in the Athletics Meet held at Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground on 18 and 20 January, 2016. Athletes showed their talents in both field and track events. Representing the four houses, they tried their best to take part and to win in the races in order to help their houses win the overall championship and the best cheering team. All True Light girls had a great time althou [......]