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New Senior Secondary Subject Information (To all S3 students and parents)

To get a better understanding of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum, all S3 students and their parents are welcome to view a concise description of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) subjects offered in our school via the following link:

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New Senior Secondary Subject Information

True Light 145th Anniversary—Form Council Birthday Celebration on 6 May 2017 (To all alumnae)

Science & Technology Exploratory Tour to South Korea (17-21/04/2017)

During the Easter Holiday, from 17 to 21 April, 2017, the Science & Technology Exploratory Tour to South Korea was organized by the Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments. Three teachers and thirty students paid a visit to Digital Pavilion, LG Science Hall and Samsung D’ light in Seoul. The exhibition space and the science hall we visited were not merely a display of electronic products, but a place of interaction that allowed students to experience a new lifestyle through digi [......]

Guangzhou True Light Visit (Math Study Tour) (7-9/04/2017)

To enhance students’ understanding of the History of True Light and to help them experience the mathematics learning environment of the Mainland China to see how learning mathematics is different from that in Mainland, a 3-day Guangzhou True Light Visit (Math Study Tour) was held from 7 to 9 April 2017. Through various mathematics learning activities and lesson observations, all the above aims were achieved. This tour also enables students to establish ties with their mainland counterparts throu [......]

School Visits to Hangzhou (26-29/03/2017)

Thanks to the Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme and Sister School Scheme, this year, a group of 17 teachers, led by Principal Lee, visited secondary schools including Hangzhou Senior High School and our sister school, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School, in Hangzhou in March in order to enhance our professional capacity through lesson observations and professional conferencing.

We also visited various scenic spots including West Lake, Eight Diagram Field, The Grand [......]

Inter-school Education Conference Programme (04/03/2017)

With the commitment to supporting and improving STEM education, teachers of True Light schools work collaboratively to ensure that all students have the chance to study and be inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics — and have the chance to reach their full potential.

On 4 March, 2017, an inter-school education conference was held at True Light Middle School of Hong Kong. The schools were honoured to have Dr. Chan Ka Ki, Catherine, Deputy Secretary for Education, giving an [......]

A Performance by Jingkun Theatre (24/02/2017)

As part of the Chinese learning, our school successfully invited Jingkun Theatre led by famous artists Tang Yuen-ha and Geng Tianyuan to come to our school and a fantastic show was performed in front of all of us. Some of the lines and tonal changes also require the performer to have a broad range and rich voice as well as a flamboyant yet elegant flair, along with some coy charm and forthright appeal. We all enjoyed the drama and deepen our insights into Chinese Literature.


The Hong Kong/Guangdong School Principals’ Meeting (12/01/2017)

To exchange views with education officials and leaders on the latest developments of secondary education and to discuss co-operation opportunities, Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council invited a delegation from Guangdong to meet the principals from Hong Kong including Principal Lee. It was a fruitful discussion covering a variety of current educational issues.


A visit to St. Paul’s Convent School (STEM Education) (10/01/2017)

To get a deeper understand in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, we visited St. Paul’s Convent School where a study package has been developed to facilitate teaching and learning using STEM. Our Mathematics and Science teachers gained a great deal from it, using STEM teaching at different levels.


A sharing meeting with SKH Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School (05/01/2017)

To faciilitate better learning and teaching, we organized a professional dialogue with Sheng Kung Hui Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School. Through the sharing, we  looked for different ways to enhance our teaching in all that we do.

We had also held meetings for both our new staff members and middle management teachers on 3 and 6 January respectively to widen and stengthen their eyesight and  skills in different work areas.