Student Work Archive

Guangzhou True Light Visit (Math Study Tour) (7-9/04/2017)

To enhance students’ understanding of the History of True Light and to help them experience the mathematics learning environment of the Mainland China to see how learning mathematics is different from that in Mainland, a 3-day Guangzhou True Light Visit (Math Study Tour) was held from 7 to 9 April 2017. Through various mathematics learning activities and lesson observations, all the above aims were achieved. This tour also enables students to establish ties with their mainland counterparts throu [......]

March 2017



School Visits to Hangzhou (26-29/03/2017)

Thanks to the Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme and Sister School Scheme, this year, a group of 17 teachers, led by Principal Lee, visited secondary schools including Hangzhou Senior High School and our sister school, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School, in Hangzhou in March in order to enhance our professional capacity through lesson observations and professional conferencing.

We also visited various scenic spots including West Lake, Eight Diagram Field, The Grand [......]

Science Education Activities (Nov 2016-Mar 2017)

1. STEM Activities
From January to March, our Science teachers gave a chance for all form one and two students to get a taste of taking part in STEM activities.

In line with the topic of our Science textbook Unit 9 Electricity, every form 2 girl assembled a mini motor. The students made a lot of efforts to ensure the motor is working. It is absolutely a challenging experience for them.

Next, based on Unit 4 Energy of the S.1 Science textbook, every group of form one students assembled a solar o [......]

Press Release on MingPao (22/03/2017)

Our Math Department has joined the “Seed” Project from EDB to explore and develop strategies on the teaching and learning of calculating the curved surface area of various sizes of units. It incorporates the knowledge of both Physics and Biology, making use of the sizes of big and small rats as examples. Our school has been pioneering and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in our curriculum and this strongly enhances teaching and learning effectiveness, n [......]

Cultural Subject Days (20-22/03/2017)

Our school’s Cultural Subject Days were from 20th to 22nd March 2017. During these three days, students were able to get exposed to different aspects of learning including sports, arts and music. There had been various activities held including printmaking, dodgeball and biking competitions as well as a music talk and performance. All these events give students not only fun but also a new sense of their accomplishments.


St. Patrick’s Cup Debating Competition (20/03/2017)

Our S.5 English Debate Team won the First Runner-up Prize in the St. Patrick’s Cup Debating Competition organized by Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong and Macau on 20 March 2017. The motion of the debate was ‘This house believes that Asia would benefit from an Asian equivalent of the EU.’ Congratulations to all the debate team members!

English and Debate Fun Learning Day (25/02/2017)

To help primary school students further develop their English language, our School Promotion Committee and English Department organized an English debate workshop and a debate demonstration on 25 February 2017. Our debate team members helped facilitate the workshop for more than 50 primary school pupils coming from 7 different schools. Apart from grasping debating techniques, it also encouraged creativity of thought and reinforced the understanding of language as a way to communicate meaning. Bo [......]

Winning in an Inter-school Debating Competition (Chinese Debate Team) (24/02/2017)

Our Chinese Debate Team defeated (3-0) delegations from Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School in an Inter-school Debating Competition held on 24 February 2017 over the motion that human beings should halt the development of Artificial Intelligence. Lau Cheuk Ying from 3D was named the best speaker. We congratulate on their victory and look forward to watching their next match.


A Performance by Jingkun Theatre (24/02/2017)

As part of the Chinese learning, our school successfully invited Jingkun Theatre led by famous artists Tang Yuen-ha and Geng Tianyuan to come to our school and a fantastic show was performed in front of all of us. Some of the lines and tonal changes also require the performer to have a broad range and rich voice as well as a flamboyant yet elegant flair, along with some coy charm and forthright appeal. We all enjoyed the drama and deepen our insights into Chinese Literature.