Student Achievement

YMCA 3 on 3 Basketball Competition

“We are so proud of our girls that they obtained the followings prizes:
Girls Open Champion: 5D Sin Mei Ka, 6A Lau Ching Tim Claudia, 6B Chan Tsz Ting, 6D Ngai Wai Kiu. 5D Sin Mei Ka is the “”””MVP””””
Girls U12 Champion: 2A Cheung Hau Yan, 2A Wong Wai Chi, 2C Lo Wing Kiu, 2D Choi Lok Hei Hailey. 2A Cheung Hau Yan is the “”””MVP”””””””


Winning in “I Generation 1104 IES Competition 2017-18″ (15/05/18)

7 students from 2 teams (S4 & S5) of our schools joined “I Generation 1104 Independent Enquiry Study (IES) Competition 2017-18″ organized by Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation and Roundtable Education, visioning the position of Hong Kong and its connection with other countries in Asia Pacific in ten years’ time. Both teams entered the final and the S5 Team received “The Best Presentation Award”. Congratulations to the team members and it is a phenomenal resul [......]

Winning in Territory-wide Drama and Debating Competitions (23/04/2018)

Our English Drama Team participated in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2018 and received the following awards:

1. Award for Outstanding Performer – 2D Tang Cheuk Lam
2. Award for Outstanding Performer – 4A Ngan Sze Man Tiffany
3. Award for Outstanding Performer – 5A Yip Tsz Ting Christy
4. Award for Outstanding Cooperation – Kowloon True Light School
5. Award for Commendable Overall Performance – Kowloon True Light School

They also won the following titles in [......]

Science Days and STEM Fun Day (17-19, 21/04/2018)

Our Science curriculum aims to develop a broad and sound knowledge base to meet the challenges of living in a technologically advanced society and to respond to the latest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. During the third week of April, we organized a series of experiential learning including carrying out experiments, Food Science Competition, Augmented Reality, Circuit, Molecular Gastronomy, Solar Car, Paper Plane, Air Drone, Virtual Reality and Hologram works [......]

SCMP Student of the Year Awards (09/03/2018)

We would like to congratulate 5A Cheung Hau Man, Audrey, who has been shortlisted as one of the contenders for the Student of the Year Awards (Linguist-English) conferred by the South China Morning Post. The final result will be announced in due time.

Winning in SingTao Debating Competition (Chinese Debate Team) (02/12/2017)

Our Chinese Debate Team defeated (2-0) delegations from St.Francis’ Canossian College) in SingTao Debating Competition held on 2 Dec 2017 over the motion that the HKSAR government should remove the limit on milk powder. 5E Yim Yin Chun was selected both the best debater and the best interrogative speaker. We congratulate on their victory and look forward to watching their next match.

Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results

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Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results


Inter-school Cross Country Competition (15/11/17)

Congratulations! Our KTLS athletes once again achieved brilliant results (Grade B 3rd Runner-up, Grade B 2nd Runner-up, Overall 2nd Runner-up) at the Inter-school Cross Country Competition (2017-18). All of their strenuous effort paid off finally.


TL 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou TL School (11/11/2017)

On 11 November, we were honoured to join True Light 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou True Light School, showcasing True Light bearer’s talents in Arts and Music from all schools. We first appreciated the artistic and cultural performances by the representatives from Guangzhou True Light School in the morning during the unveiling ceremony.

After the afternoon rehearsal, in the evening, all True Light Schools from Guangzhou and Hong Kong gave the audience a bi [......]

Inter-school Fencing 2017-2018 (06/11/2017)

We would like to congratulate 1D Tang Chung Hei on winning the Third Place (Individual Girls C Grade Sabre) in Inter-school Fencing 2017-2018 Kowloon Area, revealing her athleticism and fitness. We are so proud of her achievement!