Staff Achievement

A Professional Sharing between Primary and Secondary Sections (06/10/2017)

To strengthen the cooperation and development of both Primary and Secondary Sections, we had invited the panel heads of the main subjects from both schools to have a professional dialogue on 6 Oct 2017. This time the teaching staff members from the Primary Section share what they have been doing to enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness to us and we gain a lot of invaluable insights and ideas from them.


Press Release on MingPao (22/03/2017)

Our Math Department has joined the “Seed” Project from EDB to explore and develop strategies on the teaching and learning of calculating the curved surface area of various sizes of units. It incorporates the knowledge of both Physics and Biology, making use of the sizes of big and small rats as examples. Our school has been pioneering and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in our curriculum and this strongly enhances teaching and learning effectiveness, n [......]

Athena Mok Personal Awards

Our school teacher Athena Mok got International Alliance for Invitational Education (HK) Award Winner(07-08)

Chan Pui Yee, Pearl Personal Awards

Principal Lee Yi Ying PERSONAL AWARDS

Year Award Awarder
2007 The 7th Highwise Award for Exemplary Hong Kong Teachers Highwise Service Foundation
2008 The Thirteenth Teachers Commendation Scheme Committee of Respect Our Teachers Campaign