Principal Lee’s Interview by Parents Daily

Principal Lee was interviewed by Parents Daily. In the interview, she talked about the experience and the challenges of the DSE candidates this year. According to Principal Lee, students were well taken care of by teachers’ initiatives to show there care and provide protective supplies. She also encouraged candidates to try their utmost with a peaceful mind.



Alumna manager election 2020-2023

As there is only one candidate running for School Manager (Alumna), she is elected uncontested according to the regulation.

It is announced that Alumna Ms To Yuk Fung will be the School Manager (Alumna) of the IMC of Kowloon True Light School of 2020-2023.

Visit from CCC Heep Woh College

Principal Chu Kai Wing of CCC Heep Woh College and his colleagues visited our school and exchanged ideas about the design and implementation of the knowledge management platform.

First Class Honor in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award

Congratulation to Poon Lok Yan (S5) on receiving the first class honor in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award organized by the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education.

KTL Alunma’s Green Design to Give Back to Community

Designer/alumna Ms Hung Ka Yiu Maureen, whose mother-daughter costumes were featured as exhibits in last year’s “Gallery of the Exquisitely Sensitive”- KTL 70th Anniversary Joint Section Exhibition, has recently launched her line of green products. Using her expertise to make such an innovative contribution, Maureen’s design journey was covered in the press.

Upon completing the secondary school curriculum in KTL, Maureen obtained her bachelor degree in the UK and her master degree in Fashion Wom [......]

True Light 148th Anniversary

It is True Light’s school anniversary on the first Saturday of May every year. This year is the 148th anniversary of True Light, and its celebration cannot take place in the school campus due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Yet, wherever we are, home is where our hearts are, and True Light is all True Light Bearers’ home. We believe every True Light bearer is glowing in their own possible way amidst this unprecedented, difficult time, as we are the light of the world. This year, let’s fight the vir [......]

S1 Discretionary Places (2018/2020) Latest Arrangement

Please refer to the attachment

Achievement in Inter-school Cross-country Compeition (Division 3, Area 3)

Our Cross-country Running Team achieved triumphant result in the HKSSF – Inter Secondary Schools Cross-country Running Competition (Division 3, Kowloon and Hongkong District Area 3). Their effort and perseverance paid off and they are ready for more breakthroughs to come.


Lunar New Year Fair of KTL

The Lunar New Year is around the corner. In order to celebrate it and provide a chance for all True Light Bearers, including students, parents, teachers and alumnae, from the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Sections to come back to KTL and meet one another, we had the Lunar New Year Fair on 18th January, 2020. During the event, there were booths selling various items, food; those featuring games and lucky draw, a gigantic inflatable slide for children and performance by our zheng ensemble, e [......]

Championship in the 2nd Hong Kong Chinese & English Essay-Writing Competition

Chow Cheuk Wing (S1) was the champion of the English Division of the 2nd Hong Kong Chinese & English Essay-Writing Competition, whose theme was “Love is all around”. Cheuk Wing wrote an article where she reflected on passion and dedication after viewing Finnish director Laura Neuvonen’s animated short film ‘The Last Knit’. During the prize giving ceremony, she received her trophy and the cash prize. Being the champion, she also shared about her work and her ideas on the theme.