Education and Career Expo

The career guidance committee organized an education and career expo for S4 to S6 students on 17th December. Different educational institutions were invited to explain the admission requirement and programmes offered to our students, hoping our students can understand more about the information of their post-secondary studies through diverse channels. Students pariticpated actively in this expo in order to have an early start in their life and career planning.


S3 and S5 Careers Talks

To enhance students’ understanding of different professional fields, our Careers Guidance Committee invited the Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association (HKPSEA) to conduct career talks for S3 and S5 on 17th December, 2019. We were honored that 10 professionals from different fields came to our campus to deliver career talks to our students. All participants found the talks remarkably useful and meaningful. With the first-hand information about the popular fields, they could dev [......]

Christmas Service and Celebration

The first term of this academic year ended with a Christmas service and a series of Christmas celebration activities. Activities included Christmas carolling, orchestra and dance performances and class parties. Teachers and students enjoyed this delightful and amusing time together. Merry Christmas to all and wish you a joyful new year!



Experiential Learning @ Crossroads Foundation

Learning and Teaching Committee organized a visit to Crossroads Foundaton for senior form gifted students. The visit included two experiential learning workshops where participants could understand how it felt to be visually impaired and how HIV patients encountered their hardships. The event served as a programme of the school’s affective education for gifted students.


Games Day

In order to enhance class spirit and offer students and teachers to interact with one another, the annual Games Day was organized on 19th December. Activities included teacher-student dodgebee match, class rope-skipping competition, and other engrossing activities. Principal Lee also presented medals to all S6 students, each of whom completed a running course. It symbolizes that every S6 student is a champion.


Lunch time Concert

As Christmas was around the corner, the school choir performed various songs next to the lotus pond during the lunch time concert, creating a festive and peaceful ambience in our campus.

Cheering Team: Performance

As the Athletic Meet was cancelled earlier in November, the PE Department arranged a special session for the cheering teams of the four Houses to showcase their fantastic performance, which was a result of their months of hard work and coordination.


Interhouse Volleyball Tournament

The PE department held the annual volleyball competition in December. The intense game and the cheers of the spectators gave made it a gleeful event. The champion went to Blue House.

Information Day 2019

Information Day took place on 15th December with keen enrollment. There were two rounds of admission talk. Performances included English musical, orchestra, zheng, dance and rope skipping. There were also taster programmes including archery, tea ceremony and calligraphy. There were also a Hanfu experience corner, a drone photography lab as well as various game booths. All these gave all the visiting parents and students a chance to know more about our school features.