Weather Observation Competition 2018 (05/05/2018)

Organized by Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, our students took part in Weather Observation Competition 2018 and received the following prizes:
1. 5E Noel Fung, Ko Wing Yan, Lau Yee Ting and Yau Chung Ning (Certificate of Merit in the Weather Observation Photo Section)
2. 5A Chan Kit Wai, Keung Hau Yan, Lui Ka Wing and Wan Yim Wun (Certificate of Merit in the Weather Observation Report Presentation Section)
We congratulate the above students on winning the awards and enrich thei [......]

Winning in “I Generation 1104 IES Competition 2017-18″ (15/05/18)

7 students from 2 teams (S4 & S5) of our schools joined “I Generation 1104 Independent Enquiry Study (IES) Competition 2017-18″ organized by Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation and Roundtable Education, visioning the position of Hong Kong and its connection with other countries in Asia Pacific in ten years’ time. Both teams entered the final and the S5 Team received “The Best Presentation Award”. Congratulations to the team members and it is a phenomenal resul [......]

“Inter-school Basic Law Quiz Competition” (14/05/2018)

On 12th May, 2018, led by our Liberal Studies teachers, our S4 and S5 students participated in “The Inter-school Basic Law Quiz Competition” organized by the Shine Tak Foundation. Students have enhanced their understanding of Basic Law and related legal issues, and learnt a lot through exchanging with students from other schools.


A Visit to School of Biomedical Sciences, HKU (11/05/2018)

Our S5 students studying Biology visited the School of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Hong Kong last Friday afternoon (11/5). It is a tailor-made programme for them, which include a career talk, a lab visit and practical sessions, an invaluable experience for our future leaders to know more about the career path of becoming medical staff and the ways to prepare themselves for the meaningful work.


A Visit to TKO Landfill (14/05/2018)

To strengthen students’ learning motivation and their understanding of the operation of landfills, one S4 class and their Liberal Studies teachers visited a landfill in Tseung Kwan O on 4th May, 2018. Through this visit which is an experiential learning of a Liberal Studies topic on Energy Technology and Environment, our students have gained a better understanding of waste handling and resources management in Hong Kong.


True Light 146th & KTLS 69th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

To commemorate the 146th and 69th anniversary of True Light and our school respectively, a thanksgiving service was held on 5th May, 2018. Lots of our alumni came back to their alma mater for a lunch gathering and attended the service in the afternoon. Right after the service, we continued our tradition of hosting the S1 Council Inauguration Ceremony to officially welcome the S1 students into our family. The school hall of Kowloon True Light School was transformed into an old castle in Britain [......]

Winning in The Joint School Music Competition 2018 (08/05/2018)

Good news! We would like to congratulate the Orchestra of our school on winning the Gold Award (Secondary Section), receiving a score of 90 in The Joint School Music Competition 2018 organized by Joint School Music Association.

The Hong Kong History and Cultural Scheme (07/05/2018)

Our Chinese History Teacher, Mr Yan, led a group of S5 students studying in Chinese History to visit Jao Tsung-I Academy under the History and Cultural Scheme which facilitates youth for appreciating history and cultural heritage. The students gained a deeper understanding of Hong Kong history through exhibitions, historical scene simulation, talks and so on, which make the whole event fruitful and inspiring.

Hong Kong Historical and Heritage Tour (07/05/2018)

On 7 May 2018, 22 Form 5 history students joined the Hong Kong Historical and Heritage Tour to Stanley as organized by the Warehouse Teenage Club. To raise students’ interest in learning history, they first went to the military cemetery to understand the impacts of world wars and the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in the first half of the 20th century. The walking tour also include historical spots and monuments like the Old Stanley Police Station, Stanley Post Office, Pat Kan Uk (8 Hous [......]

Visit to the Chemistry Faculty of HKUST (07/05/2018)

Our S4 and S5 students taking Chemistry as their elective subject had a visit to the Chemistry Faculty of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and walked around its campus and residential halls, gaining a lot of insights and invaluable learning experience.