Liberal Studies Activities and Mr Ng’s Sharing at EDB (02/05/2017)

In order to enhance the understanding of the community of Hong Kong among teenagers, our Liberal Studies Department has participated in the “Humanities & Real Estate Landscapes – Hong Kong – Taiwan Youth Interactive Community Building Experiential Programme organized by Caritas Youth and Community Service, undergoing community discovery and making community maps. With their outstanding performance, two of our students, 5B Chan Lian and Tse Ka Yu, have been offered the opportunity to join th [......]

Sing Tao Daily—Smart Parents Magazine & Principal Lee’s Column (25/04/2018)

Both Principal Lee and our students were invited for conducting an interview and writing a column sharing our joy and experience in using discussions, debates, competitions to expand and enhance our thinking and language skills, getting more opportunities to explore both local and world issues. We also unleash and stretch students’ potential in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), making them become all-round learners.


Chinese Culture Week and Literary Activities (24-27/04/2018)

During the Chinese Culture Week, collaborating with Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Library, Putonghua, Physical Education and Home Economics, Chinese teachers organized various intriguing activities including reading literature about traditional snacks, writing calligraphy, making dried flowers and Chinese painting. We introduced students different scented tea and the cultural values behind. Finally, we were honored to have invited our alumna, Miss AU-YEUNG Pui Yue, who is a member of the [......]

Sports All Day (26/04/2018)

In order to nurture students’ positive values and attitudes through sports and encourage them to have regular exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle, Sports for All Day was organized on 26th April, 2018. Our alumna, Miss AU-YEUNG Pui Yue, who is a member of the Hong Kong Wushu Team specializing in Changquan, Jianshu and Qiangshu, was invited to introduce Wushu and share her experience being a professional athlete during the morning assembly. Students were inspired by her perseverance and determina [......]

KTLS House Anniversary Celebration (05/05/2018)

Local Exchange Program with The Jockey Club Ti-I College (23-25/04/2018)

Eight of our students joined the Local exchange program with The Jockey Club Ti-I College and experienced three days of school life there. At the same time, eight students from Ti-I came to our school to experience the life as a True Light bearer. They all learnt from each other’s school including its culture and developed memorable friendship with their buddies.


A Visit to Hang Seng Bank (11/04/2018)

To understand the daily operation of a bank, the nature of Hang Seng index, and the career as a management trainee, we arranged our students to have a visit to Hang Seng Bank to let them gain greater insight of this crucial industry in Hong Kong.

Winning in Territory-wide Drama and Debating Competitions (23/04/2018)

Our English Drama Team participated in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2018 and received the following awards:

1. Award for Outstanding Performer – 2D Tang Cheuk Lam
2. Award for Outstanding Performer – 4A Ngan Sze Man Tiffany
3. Award for Outstanding Performer – 5A Yip Tsz Ting Christy
4. Award for Outstanding Cooperation – Kowloon True Light School
5. Award for Commendable Overall Performance – Kowloon True Light School

They also won the following titles in [......]

Science Days and STEM Fun Day (17-19, 21/04/2018)

Our Science curriculum aims to develop a broad and sound knowledge base to meet the challenges of living in a technologically advanced society and to respond to the latest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. During the third week of April, we organized a series of experiential learning including carrying out experiments, Food Science Competition, Augmented Reality, Circuit, Molecular Gastronomy, Solar Car, Paper Plane, Air Drone, Virtual Reality and Hologram works [......]

The 2nd Youth Mentorship Scheme (2018-2021)

To unleash the potential of our younger generation and help them get prepared for their future careers, The 2nd Youth Mentorship Scheme was launched on 14 April 2018 to support teenagers from S3 to S5 by matching mentors with these young people who need career and professional guidance. They will also attend career talks, workshops and other job-related seminars as well as visits to enrich their knowledge of different professions.

Principal Lee is one of the Organizing Committee members of the [......]