Photo-taking Day for KTLS ALumnae

Details are as follows:

Hong Kong Secondary School Student Business Start-up Competition (21/10/2017)

This summer, our students collected various information and opinions from our community and designed different hand-made products with local and cultural characteristics, revealing Hong Kong’s ways of happiness and living style. Their creativity and efforts were again recognized by the competition organizer, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals—Creative Cube. This competition not only provides opportunities for our students to run a business, encouraging them to utilize their talents but also helps promo [......]

POLICY ONLINE@M21-Discuss with the Chief Executive (16/10/2017)

On 16th October 2017, our students participated in POLICY ONLINE@M21 organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Students were invited to express their views on Policy Address 2017, and discuss it with the Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam. It was a great honour for our students to meet Mrs. Carrie Lam in person and express their opinion. They found the forum very meaningful and fruitful.


Chinese Drama Appreciation—Confucius 63 (14/10/2017)

To enhance students’ interest and develop their abilities to appreciate Chinese drama, our Chinese teachers arranged a drama appreciation of Confucius 63 for our S3 to S5 girls. Based on real history, Confucius 63 is an original drama production that unfolds the Maestro’s hidden moments of weaknesses and hardships that are rarely known, reshaping the image of Confucius as a paragon for over 2,000 years and extending our horizons in self-expression, cultural creativity, and humanistic values in C [......]

English and Debate Fun Learning Day 2017 (14/10/2017)

To help primary school students further develop their English language, our School Promotion Committee and English Department organized an English debate workshop and a debate demonstration on 14 Oct 2017. Our debate team members helped facilitate the workshop for more than 150 primary school pupils and their parents, teachers, coming from 18 different schools. Apart from grasping debating techniques, it also encouraged creativity of thought and reinforced the understanding of language as a way [......]

S3 Form Fellowship (14/10/2017)

S3 Form Fellowship has already started. Soft hymns bring all S3 students to the today’s exciting activities like games and singing hymns. They are highly engaged. Wish that students are refreshed in the fellowship.

6th Parents’ Academy (2017-2018)

Parent’s Academy, which is a series of talks for parents about efficient and loving way of parenting, has been held since 14th October, 2017. We believe that the Christian value is absolutely important in parenting. “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22: 6)

Joint-school Youth Forum, Justice Education Project (09/10/2017)

To raise students’ awareness and deepen their understanding of Hong Kong Basic Law, a joint-school youth forum, as a part of Justice Education Project, was held in our school. It also helps develop their abilities of critical reasoning on social justice and criminal behaviors.

To elicit more responses and comments from the students of our schools and the participating schools, a Question and Answer session was organized to facilitate students expressing their opinions and acquiring more knowledg [......]

Transplanting seedlings of turnera ulmifolia

To all teachers, parents and students,

Here are the steps of transplanting seedlings of turnera ulmifolia:

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S4 Learning Day (7/10/2017)

On 7th October, 2017, the Learning and Teaching Committee organized an S4 Learning Day, aiming at helping S4 students get used to the New Senior Secondary life. There were a lot of meaningful and interactive activities to enable students to be aware of the difference between junior and senior formers. Firstly, the Acting Vice Principal, Miss Ho, introduced the NSS curriculum and reminded students to learn proactively. Senior formers have to do preparation before the lessons and follow-up work [......]