Canadian Days (09-13/03/2018)

Thanks to the PTA, we threw a pizza party for 4 visiting students all the way from Canada. During Canadian Days from 9th to 13th March, our guest students joined the English lessons, interacting with True Light girls and introducing all about Canada, ranging from the weather, sports and their national pride. The pizza party offered us a chance to get to know each other even more with food, laughter and lots of interesting stories to share.


SCMP Student of the Year Awards (09/03/2018)

We would like to congratulate 5A Cheung Hau Man, Audrey, who has been shortlisted as one of the contenders for the Student of the Year Awards (Linguist-English) conferred by the South China Morning Post. The final result will be announced in due time.

Winning in an Inter-school Debating Competition (Chinese Debate Team) (10/03/2018)

Our *Chinese Debate Team defeated (2-0) delegations from King’s College in an Inter-school Debating Competition held on 10 March 2018 over the motion that A good horse will never turn round to graze on an old pasture. We congratulate on their victory and look forward to watching their next match.

*Names of the our school’s debaters:
4A LAU CHEUK YING (Awarded the best debater)


Poon Choi Feast (09/03/2018)

To enhance parent-school cooperation and to cultivate relationships among parents, alumnae teachers and students, our Poon Choi Feast was held on 9th March, 2018, where we all enjoyed delicious, traditional Chinese food and delightful moments, creating a motivating and pleasant atmosphere.
The highlight of the feast was the award presentation to Miss Ho Ka Wai, Miss Ho Yuk Ling and Miss Lee Yuk Lin, Rolisa, who have been serving our school for many years. Their past and present students held the [......]

Farewell to S6 and High Table Tea (27-28/02/2018)

Since Form Six students are leaving our school and getting ready for the public examination, to show our support and encouragement, a farewell assembly was held on 27 February. There were videos showing the wonderful memories the S6 students have in KTLS. Students from other forms also expressed their thankfulness and the best wishes to them.

On the following day, a high table tea was arranged after school. Principal Lee and teachers had sharing with Form Six students, giving them tips and enco [......]

Chinese Dancing Team awarded First Prize (06/02/2018)

Our Chinese Dancing Team received the Highly Commended Award in The 54th Schools Dance Festival. They sang one of the Chinese folk songs of Miao ethnic group, receiving appreciation and winning acclaim from the adjudicators and the audience.

2018 Kowloon City District Carnival@ HKGGA (04/02/2018)

Jointly organized by HKGGA Kowloon City District Association, Home Affairs Department Kowloon City District Council, 2018 Kowloon City District Carnival was held on 4 February 2018. Girl Guides (West Kowloon, Team 61) from our school were invited to serve the guests and visitors there and given a Certificate of Appreciation.


PTA Radish Cake Class (03/02/2018)

A radish cake class was organized by PTA on 3 Feb 2018. Both parents and their children enjoyed the making of the cake very much, a warm occasion to deepen their relationship.

《I Love Kowloon City》Secondary School Student Lamppost Bunting Design Competition (03/02/2018)

《I Love Kowloon City》Secondary School Student Lamppost Bunting Design Competition (03/02/2018)
Organized by Kowloon City District Council and Home Affairs Department, our students took part in in the 《I Love Kowloon City》Secondary School Student Lamppost Bunting Design Competition. We would like to congratulate 4D Lo Man Ling on winning the Third Prize and having her design hung on the lampposts among the main streets in Kowloon City. 4C Lam Ho Sze and Chan Wai Ching were also awarded the Merits [......]

2018 Fun Science Competition 《Saving All》(03/02/2018)

Good news again! Chan Pui Ting Betty from 3D earned the First Prize in the 2018 Fun Science Competition 《Saving All》. It is a competition that requires participants to make an object and complete the tasks accordingly. This year, they have to make a moving object that can trigger a sensor and collect the falling balls. Betty finished the race victoriously. Congratulations!