Arrangement of after school activities

Starting from today, all supplementary lessons and extracurricular activities resume as scheduled.

Arrangement regarding Athletics Meet

Athletics Meet will take place tomorrow (13/11) and the day after (14/11). Students should arrive at the venue at 8:00 am. Lunch time starts approximately at 11:30 am and ends at 1:00 pm. Events on both days shall finish by 3:00 pm. Please refer to eclass regarding the schedule of events.

Cases of lateness due to the traffic are to be handled with discretion. Considering the district of residence, the transportation to and from the venue as well as safety, parents are to decide whether their dau [......]

The Parents’ Academy

The Parents’ Academy on 16th November 2019 will be cancelled.

Arrangement regarding after-school activities on 12th November

In consideration of the traffic in the afternoon, all activities scheduled after school, including extracurricular activities, training sessions and extended lessons, are cancelled today. Students will be dismissed at 4:10 pm as usual. All students are to leave the school campus by 4:45pm. Any further arrangement will be announced through our school website and the school app. Thank you for your attention.

Wien and Salzburg 2019 Music Tour

The music, the sceneries, the people…. this once-in-a-lifetime experience was indeed precious to all the participants of the tour. Now we all have a chance to see their performances, with various spots of Wien and Salzburg, Austria as the backdrops. Visit the links below and enjoy their amazing renditions of some classical pieces. Read about their experience on the Souvenir Booklet as well.

Pre-tour concert 23rd Jun 2019
https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=PLCiau_H-_EJ3QM3t6hR8NJeAM3OQqdZS [......]

Inter-School Swimming Competition

With the concerted efforts and perseverance, our swimming team was the overall champion in the Inter-School Swimming Competition (Kowloon and Island Districts, D3). This promotes them to D2 in the coming year.
Awards are listed as follows :

1. Individual awards
LEE YUET SUM (S6) won the first prize in Grade A 50m backstroke and butterfly
HO CHEUK YU(S6) won the fourth prize in Grade A 50 meters and 100 meters freestyle
LEUNG MAN WAI (S1) won the third prize in the 50m backstroke in Grade C and t [......]

Walk with Veteran: Writing Workshop with English Author

In this academic year, LTC has launched the scheme “Walk with Veteran”, where professionals from various fields are invited to be mentors for high achievers, who are then well-equipped for related off-campus competitions. Renowned English author Mr Jason Y. Ng was invited to host a workshop for gifted students in English writing, in particular story writing.


Visit from KTLS Primary and Kindergarten Sections

A total of 31 teachers from Kowloon True Light School (Primary Section) and Kowloon True Light School (Kindergarten Section) visited our school campus and participated in our classes of various subjects. A sharing session was included to facilitate the exchange of teaching practices related to self-directed learning among the teachers. This event served as a platoform for the smooth transition of the curriculum and teaching methods among the three Sections of KTL.


A Visit to the HKU (Department of Chemistry)

To raise students’ interest in learning chemistry and to learn more about advanced analytical chemistry equipment, S5 students visited Department of Chemistry in HKU and went on a campus tour accompanied by our Chemistry teacher. The students found the visit fruitful and benefited a lot.


All-round Exposure Scheme: A visit to RTHK

To enable gifted students to learn through first-hand experience, “All-round Exposure Scheme” is set up by Learning and Teaching Committee. A series of visits and activities will be conducted, with the first being a visit to RTHK. Students visited the studios and the Traffic Centre, through which they learnt about the operation of RTHK in terms of broadcasting. They also met renowned producer Mr Law Chi Wah, who shared his experience and knowledge about TV production and multimedia creation.