The 14th International Music and Arts Competition

The school’s Zheng Ensemble was awarded the Championship of one of the finals of the captioned event. Their performance was spoken highly of.

Academy for Gifted Students of KTL: Kick-off Luncheon Meeting

The Kick-off Luncheon Meeting of the KTL Academy for Gifted Students was hosted by the Learning and Teaching Committee. GIfted students from S1, S2 and S4 attended the meeting with special appearance of teacher representatives of various domains. Students were introduced to PAPAS (Positivity, Appreciation, Perseverance, Acceptance, Serving), which are what gifted students are expected to uphold, the gifted education framework “Sight, Heart, Mind” and the respective activities.


English Debate Explorer

Students from primary schools across the territory visited our school, participating in the captioned event organized by the English Department and the English Debate Team. The event aimed to introduce the essential elements of debating to participants through interactive workshops hosted by our students. A demonstration match was then conducted by our partner Debaters Association.


Chicken Soup for DSE Fighters

A cheering activity was organised to boost the morale of our S6 DSE fighters. Principal Lee shared with them her university life and they looked forward to their own fruitful learning journey in the university.

“Share Your Love of Reading” Reading Award Scheme

Our Reading Promotion Committee has introduced a brand new reading scheme “Share Your Love of Reading”, encouraging students to share their joy of reading with others and cultivating a reading atmosphere.

Our first meeting took place in late September. Teachers and students gathered at the lotus pond, engaging in conversations regarding the books they had read. They discussed the content as well as their reflection upon reading the books. It is hoped that the activity will enable all members of [......]

“Innovation and Technology Dream” Robot Festival

Four S3 students participated in the robotic competition organized by the Kowloon City District Office, using dash & dot robots for programming tasks. They won the Robot Team Cooperation Award.


Special Announcement

All students have been dismissed at 3:45 pm and advised to return home as soon as possible for safety concerns. All afterschool activities and tutorials on 4 October (Friday) and 5 October (Saturday) will be cancelled.

Also, the PTA Annual Meeting and Election for Parent Manager scheduled for 6:30 pm tonight  is cancelled. The S1, S2 Parents Meeting will be rescheduled. Details will be announced in due course.

Visit to the ICAC Headquarter

Some S6 students went on a visit to the ICAC Headquarter. The activity was organized by the Youth Mentoring Scheme hosted by the Building healthy Kowloon City Association Limited. During the visit, our students had a thorough understanding of the mission of ICAC and the services they provide to fight corruption. They learnt that ICAC is connected with many facets of our society and how to prevent corruption from happening in their future careers.


Department of Family Medicine & Primary Care: The University of Hong Kong: Life Education Activity

An S4 form assembly and an S5 one were conducted on 16th September and 23rd September respectively by the Student Affairs Committee and the Discipline and Guidance Committee. Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, The University of Hong Kong was invited to run a life education activity. Founder of “Say Yeah” Mr CHAN Wai-lam shared his life experience confronting illness and death in order to encourage student to persevere when faced with challenges that come along in their lives.