SU/SF Election Forum (20/09/2016)

The annual Student Union and Student Fellowship forum was held during the school assembly on 20th September, 2016. All of the students and teachers engaged in this forum in order to get more information about the cabinet for the Student Union and the candidates for the Student Fellowship before the Polling Days.

The representatives of the cabinet, Ethereal, introduced their vision and mission in the first part of the assembly. After that, it was the chance for students to question the cabinet. A [......]

Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (19/09/2016)

Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (19/09/2016)

Today’s morning assembly was run by our Student Fellowship (SF), giving us a lot of warmth and surprise. The SF leaders first led us to sing praises to our Heavenly Father, saying a prayer to bless all of us, especially new teachers and S.1 students, who are becoming adapted to the new environment smoothly. Then, having introduced us to the arrangement of this year’s student fellowship meetings, they gave every S.1 girl a surprise—a welcome car [......]

ECA Promotion (13/09/2016)

To help our students achieve their full potential, we have provided a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities (ECAs) that contribute to the development of the student as a whole, aimed at stretching and challenging them. Our teachers are dedicated to the planning and delivery of most of our ECAs. We also engage specialist external providers, such as taekwondo and music tutors, to enhance the offerings for our students. We hope every True Light girl will enjoy and get the most ou [......]

ABC School Assembly (12/09/2016)

ABC School Assembly (12/09/2016)

We were so hounored to invite Mr Lam Yuk Fai, Executive Director of Art Building Character (ABC) Foundation Limited as our guest speaker for today’s school assembly, showing us the history and the art of designing and making cheong-sam, which has become an international fashion nowadays. Mr Lam also invited us to join a cheong-sam design competition involving various kinds of modern elements, including science and technology. We are all looking forwarding to part [......]

School Assembly (Tuesday)—Internet Etiquette (06/09/2016)

Technology now allows us the opportunity to communicate from opposite ends of the globe. Since moral literacy is as critical as computer literacy, we invited Miss Cheng Yi Ling, a registered social Worker from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals—Youth and Family Services, to give us a talk on how cyberbullying works and how to avoid or stop it. We have learnt that we should all use proper netiquette (internet etiquette) when communicating online, saving others from turning into a cyberbully.


Morning Assembly—Hymn/Bible Sharing (05/09/2016)

We were honoured to have invited Rev. Cheung Yik Lung to lead the first morning assembly of the school year. Pastor Cheung started it with a thought-provoking question: In life does everything happen for a reason or randomly? He reminded every one of us of the truth that we should not forget our Lord who has given us all things and we should be grateful and make full use of every single day. It is just as Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” W [......]

Orientation Day (02/09/2016)

The flag-raising ceremony marked the beginning of the second school day, which is a special one to orient and welcome all students. Our vice principals and teachers from different school committees introduce students to the changes made for the new academic year and reminded them of every important daily routines. We were also thrilled to hear that the Multi-purpose room has been renovated with 20 new I-MAC desktop computers. We are all looking forward to a new academic year filled with exciting [......]

2016-2017 Opening Ceremony (01/09/2016)

After the long summer vacation, everyone is filled with energy and is looking forward to the beginning of the school year. On the first school day, all students and teachers gathered at the school hall for the school’s opening ceremony. Our school chaplain, Ms. Lee Yuk-lin said a prayer to thank God for the wonderful vacation and asked for his blessings for the new academic year. Since it is the 145th anniversary of True Light, Principal Lee showed us lots of valuable pictures of the school and [......]

An online survey on Hong Kong Female Role Models

Dear all KTLS students

An online survey is conducted to collect your views about which female role model(s) in Hong Kong we should interview. You can choose more than one from the choices and/or click on “other” if you have other preferences. Please complete the survey by this Sunday (3/9), 11:59pm. Thank you very much in advance. Here is the link:

Joyful@School Campaign for the 2016-17 school year (25/08/2016)

The Education Bureau and The Food & Health Bureau have jointly launched the Joyful@School Campaign for the 2016-17 school year to enhance awareness of students’ mental health. The campaign will encourage schools to organise activities to enhance the understanding of mental health among teachers, students and parents. Our Principal, Lee Yi Ying, was also invited to attend the kick-off ceremony where she shared our school’s experiences in raising students’ positive energy in facing challenges [......]