11th Hong Kong Green School Award (7/10/2013)

Kowloon True Light School is committed to promoting environmental education.  Last year, it helped students to increase knowledge in environmental protection and encouraged them to lead a green life through organising a variety of activities.  Owing to the school’s effective measures, the Environmental Campaign Committee has awarded it Certificate of Appreciation (11th Hong Kong Green School Award).  This has given recognition to the school’s effort in the two domains: Environmental Policy and C [......]

S4 Learning Day(21/9/2013)

S4 Learning Day

To help students adjust to the senior secondary school life, the school organized a S4 Learning Day on 21st September, 2013 (Saturday). Through talks, sharing, group discussion and practical tasks, students are more aware of the new challenges ahead and the importance of lateral thinking. It is hoped that students are able to set realistic learning goals for the three-year-senior secondary course to enhance their learning motivation and effectiveness. Most students found this [......]

Staff Retreat (21/8/2013)

Staff Retreat

Date: 21- 8 -2013 (Wednesday)

Venue: School Hall of Kowloon True Light School (Primary Section)

After taking a break during the summer holiday, all the teaching staff of the primary and the secondary sections of the school had their staff retreat in the school hall of the primary section. It was our pleasure to have Rev. Chan King Yu, Chaplain of Tung Chung Ling Liang Church and Ling Liang Church Primary and Secondary Schools, to give us a talk on “God’s love, Love God”. In the fel [......]

KTL Special 2012

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KTL Special 2012 (5th issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (2nd issue)
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KTL Special 2012 (1st issue)
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2012-2013 Highlights & Events


22 Jul 2013
2013-2014 S1 Class Allocation

36th P.T.A. Activities

17 Jul 2013
KTL Special 2012

9 Jul 2013

School Closing Ceremony


3-5 Jul 2013

Summer Leadership Training Camp


29 Jun 2013

The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2013


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Evening of the “Ai Wan” Form Council


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Ceremony


18 Jun 2013

"Faith in Love" KTL Girls Sending [......]

Graduation Evening of the “Ai Wan” Form Council (21/6/2013)

Graduation Evening
The Graduation Evening was held in the evening of the 21 June, 2013 in our school hall. The ceremony began with the Thanksgiving Service in which a traditional ceremony “Passing the Light” was held and the “Ai Wan” Council of our Form 6 graduates was inaugurated. Then the Form 6 graduates gave a drama performance which depicted their growth in True Light and conveyed a message that our fate is in our hand. Many of the students shed a few tears at the singing performance while [......]

Graduation Ceremony (21/6/2013)

Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections)
Graduation Ceremony 2012-2013
Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections) Graduation Ceremony 2012-2013 was held in our school hall on 21 June 2013. The graduation ceremony is very significant in the life of True Light girls. It is a time to recognize the various talents and contributions of our students and a time to celebrate our past, present and future. The member of the Fifth Legislative Council, Dr. Hon Helena Wo [......]

Sowers Action (23/5/2013)

Thanksgiving Service in Celebration of the 141st KTL Anniversary (4/5/2013)

Thanksgiving Service in Celebration of the 141st KTL Anniversary
On 4th May, a Thanksgiving Service in Celebration of the 141st Anniversary was held at our school. We were honoured to have Rev. Stephen Leung, Senior Pastor, Remembrance of Grace Church, as our guest speaker, and all of our teachers and students, parents, alumnae and guests from Guangzhou True Light School joined together in the sunny afternoon in the school hall.
We celebrated the anniversary with hymn singing, scripture reading [......]

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