Information Day for S1 Admission (2016-217)

Solar Shield Coating (9/12/2015)

Solar Shield Coating
We are honored to receive the funding from the “Environment and Conservation Fund” and “Environmental Campaign Committee” this year, to complete an energy-saving project named Solar Shield Coating (MW0033A). The coating can dramatically reduce roof temperatures, saving our air conditioning cost. This project helps us save energy and protect our environment.


The 15th Basic Law Debating Competition (9/11/2015)

The 15th Basic Law Debating Competition (Chinese Debate Team)

Motion: Free newspapers are doing more good than harm to the development of the press

Participating students:
4B Li Mei was awarded the Best Debater.

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Strength in Breadth at 2015 HKDSE (22/9/2015)

School Opening Ceremony (10/9/2015)

School Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony of Kowloon True Light School was held on the first of September in the school hall. All the schoolmates and teachers gathered together to experience this stately occasion. At the beginning of the ceremony the School Chaplain, Miss Lee Yuk Lin gave a prayer to thank God and ask God for blessings to start the new school year. Then, Principal Lee showed us the encouraging results of our S.6 sisters in the HKDSE this year and gave an inspiring speech to r [......]

Graduation Evening (6/7/2015)

Graduation Evening

The Graduation Evening was held in the evening of the 3 July, 2015 in our school hall. The ceremony began with the Thanksgiving Service in which a traditional ceremony “Passing the Light” was held and the “Hiu” Council of our Form 6 graduates was inaugurated. The highlight of the evening was a drama performance originally created and directed by our Form 6 graduates. The drama performance depicted their growth in True Light, bringing out the importance of treasuring friendship [......]

2014 – 2015Graduation Ceremony (6/7/2015)

Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections)

Graduation Ceremony 2014 – 2015

Kowloon True Light School (Primary & Secondary Sections) Graduation Ceremony 2014-2015 was held in our school hall on 3 July, 2015. The graduation ceremony is of vital importance to True Light girls as it is a time to celebrate the successful completion of a significant life stage, a development phase of growing up. We are honoured to have invited Mr. Jeff Sze, Political Assistant to Secretary [......]

Piano Masterclass by Sa Chen (2/6/2015)

Piano Masterclass by Sa Chen is a community outreach programme jointly presented by Le French May and the First Initiative Foundation and is supported by the Education Bureau. 5D Chow Tsan Yin has been recommended by the selection panel to perform in the captioned masterdclass.


School and Home Energy Saving Scheme (29/4/2015)

School and Home Energy Saving Scheme

In the past year, Kowloon True Light School took part in the School and Home Energy Saving Scheme organized by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. To reduce energy consumption, we have formulated environmental protection policy, installed energy-saving facilities and held a host of activities to promote the message of energy conservation. They included a fun fair, a Step-Power Generator Inter-class Competition, talks, workshops, interactive drama on sustainabili [......]