The School Variety Show (19/7/2014)

The School Variety Show

The School Variety Show was successfully held in the Academic Community Hall at the Hong Kong Baptist University on 18th and 19th July, 2014, to celebrate this year which is of particular significance to our school as it marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of our school being relocated to Hong Kong. Our school celebrated this historical moment with a showcase of artistic, musical and acting talent. The highlight of the show was the Chinese musical, The Love Story In The Fa [......]

Closing Ceremony (14/7/2014)

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of Kowloon True Light School was completed successfully on 14th July, in which our Principal, Ms. Lee Yi Ying and our schoolmates reflected upon our major concerns this year: Love Giving and Logical Thinking. Various kinds of scholarships and prizes won in different competitions were presented to the winners and outstanding students, who have had remarkable performances in academic study, spiritual development, moral development and services.


Graduation Evening (4/7/2014)

The graduation Evening (Yuk Jing Council) was held on 4th July. Our teachers, parents and other students sang our school hymn and council song solemnly in the school hall to bid farewell to our graduates. During the ceremony, lanterns were passed from the Form 6 graduates to the Form 5 students, symbolizing that the spirits of True Light will be passed on from generation to generation. After that, our Form 6 graduates presented a wonderful drama, accentuating the theme of pursuing dreams unrelen [......]

The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2014 (10/7/2014)

Our Music Department has participated in The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2014 and five groups of students have enrolled in the final. Students have got satisfactory results with a champion, a second runner-up and three merit awards in the senior secondary section.


New Song




Composer:5A Kong Yan Yan、Lee Lok Yiu

Lyricist:   5A  Hui Dan Hung

Arranger: 5A  Kong Yan Yan

Singer ﹕  5A Chan Hoi kiu

Second Runner-up


Composer:4A Hon Y [......]

An author’s talk (7/7/2014)

An author’s talk

It is our pleasure and honor to have joint hands with Hong Kong Trade Development Council and invited Mr. Tung Kai-cheong to hold an author’s talk in our school hall. Mr. Tung shared his writing experience with our students and presented prizes to the winners of the book report writing competition. Students grabbed this precious opportunity to exchange their ideas with the author and felt fruitful after the talk.


Best Motto Class Competition (3/7/2014)

Best Moto Class: 5D

Best Performance Class: 4C

66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (25/6/2014)

66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Presented by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association


4D Chow Tsan Yin
Vocal Solo-Foreign Language-Age16 or under- Female Voice
1st runner up – mark 85

3C Tsang Yuen Chi
Zheng Solo – Junior
1st runner up – mark 84

3A Fung Hoi Tung
Zheng Solo – Intermediate
2nd runner up – mark 83

2D Chan Wai Wan
Grade Five Piano Solo
2nd runner up – mark 86

School Choir
Secondary School Girls’ Choir – Foreign l [......]

2013 / 2014 Greening School Project Award (28/5/2014)

2013 / 2014 Greening School Project Award
Small Garden Plot (Secondary School) First runner-up

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department organizes a Greening School Subsidy Scheme for various local schools to enlist their support in greening the environment through campus greening projects and greening activities so as to promote a green culture among students and cultivate their interest in growing plants. Kowloon True Light School’s achievements and contribution towards [......]

“The ways of understanding national development” (3/5/2014)

Mr. Bruce Lui, who is a famous local journalist, was invited as a guest speaker to give a talk on “the ways of understanding national development” in our school assembly on 14th May. Through popular video clips and authentic interviewing records, Mr. Lui critically presented the dilemma facing the Chinese government during the process of modernization and economic enhancement. By pointing out and depicting the plight faced by ordinary Chinese citizens because of corruption and an imperfect socia [......]

True Light 142nd & KTLS 65th Anniversary (4/5/2014)

True Light 142nd & KTLS 65th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
Cum Form 1 Council Inauguration Ceremony

The True Light 142nd & KTLS 65th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, together with the Form 1 Council Inauguration Ceremony, musical performance and Thanksgiving dinner, was successfully held on 3rd May.

It was surely our honour to have the presence of our school directors, the principals and representatives from Guangzhou schools and our alumni at the service, proclaiming the blessings o [......]