Music for the Millions concert (3/12/2012)

Venue: School Hall
Organizer: Music Office

The Music Office Instructors’ Orchestras and Ensembles gave “Music for the Millions” concert in our school hall on 3 December, 2012. The performance dedicated to developing students’ level of music appreciation and creativity was designed with an interactive approach. It was hoped that the performance could familiarise students with Chinese and Western orchestral instruments and to stimulate their interest in fine music.


Annual Athletic Meets 2012-13 (29-30/11/2012)

It was a great day for all True Light girls! On 29th and 30th of November, we had our Annual Athletic Meets at Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground. Although the weather was not very stable with wintry showers, members of the four houses tried their best to take part and to win in the races in order to help their house win the overall championship.


Secondary School Visit for Kowloon City P.6 Parents (25/11/2012)

In order to let P.6 students and parents have a better understanding of our school, we joined the Secondary School Visit for Kowloon City P.6 Parents organized by the parent-teacher associations in the district. In the morning of 25th November, over 1,000 students and parents visited our school. After a brief introduction of the vision and mission of our school by Principal Lee, a group of Form 2 students shared with the students and parents their colourful school life. Finally, our Vice-Princip [......]