Making the News

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018-2019

Our S.4 English Debate Team (4A Grace Wong, 4A Gabbie Chan and 4A Sarah Ching) continues their success in English debating and has won in Round 1 of the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2018-2019 (Term 2, Division 1, EMI Schools) against Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College on the motion about the rise of private space enterprises. Congratulations to the three debaters and we wish them best of luck in the next round of the competition.


ICT Open Day – Visit HKBN data centre

S4 & 5 ICT students visited HKBN data centre and office to understand how to operate a data center, and its technical and physical requirements.


Education Services (23/09/2018)

It was our Education Services on 23 September 2018. On this special occasion, principals, teachers and students from Kowloon True Light School (Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten sections) gathered together and gave praise to our Lord, blessing us a fruitful school year and safeguarding everyone. Our worship team was responsible to lead the worship.


Religious Week & Thanksgiving Service in Memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (4-8/3/2019)

In Religious Week, there were various kinds of activities like game booth and hymn dedication. Furthermore, Thanksgiving Service in Memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was held on 5 March 2019. We remembered Jesus, who healed the sick and raised the dead, and gave HIM thanks for HIS love and grace. Staff from U-Fire Networks shared hymns and their testimony to students which is about how they were empowered and loved by God when they faced rejection from friends. It reminded us how God lo [......]

Christmas Services (21/12/18)

It is our annual tradition to host the Christmas Services to commemorate the birth of Jesus. On 22 December, 2018, students formed a Christmas Caroling Singing Team to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Then all teachers and students gathered in the hall decorated in a very festive manner. Teachers and students took part in the Bible readings and intercessions. We were all inspired in the sermon.


Fellowship Committee Training Day (02/11/2018)

More than forty students and teachers joined the Fellowship Committee Training Day, which was held by Mr. Tsang, our school minister, and other Christian teachers on 2nd November, 2018. The activity was about how to value yourselves with the sight from God. Although we are weak, God is still strong and loves us. With students’ active participation, the training day is meant to be a great success.


Staff Retreat (22/8/18)

The Staff Retreat was held before the start of the school year. All secondary school, primary school and kindergarten staff joined the event. It started with worshiping, followed by activities with the topic ‘Are you healthy?’. Hope that all staff can build a good habit and be empowered by God in the midst of their hard work.


2017-18 Gospel Camp (13/7/18 – 15/7/18)

Here came our annual gospel camp. This year, we had 80 participants, worshipping, playing and listening to the preaching together. It is hoped that the seeds of gospel can be planted in their hearts.

Girl Guides Visit

To develop students’ personal development and enhance their community awareness, the Girl Guides Team of our school has organized a visit to the Tao Heung Museum of Food Culture.


RTHK Broadcast Like A Pro Workshop

Four S3 students went to RTHK to attend a broadcasting workshop with Mr Cheung Pak Ki after winning the preliminary round of radio segment production competition “Broadcast Like a Pro” . During the workshop they learnt about production, voice control, diction, etc with radio presenters including Ms. Alyson Hau. They are ready for the next round where they have to produce a segment in the form of a social experiment.