Making the News

Open Day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On 24th November this year, the Liberal Studies Panel Head Mr. Ng King Fai has led14 of our F5 and F6 students to the open day of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students were delighted to join plentiful activities in the event, including talks on traditional calligraphy and painting, visiting the conference room, an exhibition of cultural relics from the Ming and Qing Dynasty, video broadcast on Reform and Opening Up 40 years, cooking demonstration, puppet demonstration, photos exhibition, boo [......]

Policy Address Live Broadcast@M21

On 13th November this year, 8 students, led by Liberal Studies Panel Head Mr. Ng King Fai, have joined the live broadcast produced by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, discussing the Policy Address with the Secretary for Innovation and Technology Mr. Nicholas W. Yang. In the show, our students have inquired about the development of eSports in Hong Kong Kong.

Mathematics Workshop at HKUST

Students from S4A participated in the Mathematics Workshop organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 1st December, 2018. It was an invaluable experience for students to attend the workshop in a top university.


Counselling Day

On 22nd November, our school’s counselling day was held. All students were assigned a timeslot to meet their teachers individually. In the meeting, they discussed their strengths and weaknesses, and thought of ways to make improvement. Teachers also gave a lot of valuable advice to them. With the help from teachers, it is hoped that students can reach their designated goals and have a clearer plan for their future. This activity is definitely helpful to all students’ life planning.

Irish Ambassador Programme

4A Chan Kwan Sheung Gabbie and 4A Law Tsz Ying took part in the Irish Ambassador programme and participated in the first event in La Salle College on 20 November 2018. The event consisted of a number of team building games and they were able to get to know the ambassadors from different schools.


Principal Lee sharing at Alliance Primary School – Whampoa

On 23rd November evening, Principal Lee was invited to be one of the guest speakers of the Parents Seminar about S1 Promotion of Alliance Primary School – Whampoa. Highlights of curriculum development and recent achievements of our school were introduced to parents, who expressed their immense appreciation for our school’s multifaceted efforts and their keen interest in joining Kowloon True Light School.


KTLS 70th anniversary, Staff Development cum Tracing Our Origin Trip

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of our school, Staff Development cum Tracing Our Origin Trip was organized from 30th November to 1st December, 2018. A group of 110 members, including our school managers, principals, alumnae, retired teachers, teaching and non-teaching staff of the secondary, primary and kindergarten sections set off to Guangzhou, the root of our school, to explore the history and development of True Light. On these two days, we visited our sister schools in Guangzhou – Guang [......]

Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2018-2019

Our English Debate Team members (3B Wong Ying Sin, 3D Nicole Lam and 3D Bridget Ma) has won in round 2 of the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2018-2019 (Division 1, EMI Schools) against Homantin Government Secondary School on the motion that interns should be paid the minimum wage. As our debate team have won the first two rounds, they will proceed to the final round of the competition. Congratulations to the three debaters and we wish them best of luck in the final round.


True Light Alumni Association – Picnic

In order to strengthen the bonding of the alumnae of the four True Light schools, True Light Alumnae Association held “Picnic 2018” to Ngau Tam Mei New Age Organic Farm on 25th November, visiting farms and fishing ponds, and having barbecues. More than 50 people from the four schools participated in the event.


Hong Kong Girl Guides Annual Parade 2018

“Hong Kong Girl Guides Annual Parade 2018” was held on 25th November 2018 (Sun) at Mong Kok Stadium. Our girls took part in Color Parties of this annual event with the theme of “One O Two years of Guiding hand in hand”. 15 girls and their parents attended the ceremony to give support to our team.