Making the News

A Visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History (17/07/2018)

Our S4 and S5 students taking History and Chinese History as their elective subjects had a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History on 17 July 2018. To arouse students’ interest in history across various countries and centuries, our teachers arranged guided tours of the special exhibition, “An Age of Luxury: the Assyrians to Alexander”, which contains invaluable historical relics and artefacts from the British Museum in the period of 900-300 BC. The group of history students also paid a visit to [......]

Red Cross Friendship Activities (14-15/07/2018)

Six Red Cross members of our school joined an overnight camp arranged by The Hong Kong Red Cross (West Kowloon) at Yuen Long Recreation Centre from 14th to 15th July 2018. Different recreational and group activities were organized to encourage members to broaden their horizons and their social circles, to understand and accept others, and to establish friendship.


Hong Kong Secondary School Model United Nations (13-15/07/2018)

To enhance students’ presentation and communication skills, two students from 5A joined the Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference which aimed at nurturing future leaders of society and global citizens in 13-15 July 2018. As the representatives of Japan in the United Nation Human Rights Council, they discussed the topic of Technology and Human Rights with fellow delegates, and there were heated debates over international standard laws, privacy infringement and national security issues. The MU [......]

Girl Guide Day Camp cum Enrolment Ceremony (10/07/2018)

Our school’s girl guides enjoyed a day camp at Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre, having fun in its recreational area including archery range and rope course. An enrolment ceremony was also held during the day.


S5 Geography Field Trip (10/07/2018)

To deepen the understanding of textbook knowledge and to better equip students with enquiry skills for fieldwork, S5 Geography class spent a whole day on 10th July 2018 outside classroom. Organized by Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, students are taught and guided to collect data then analyze and present their data collected in two industrial areas in Yuen Long. It is a hot but fruitful day.


Red Cross Members receiving “Outstanding Volunteer Awards” (10/07/2018)

Organized by Mongkok Integrated Service Centre for Children & Youth, our school’s Red Cross members, Chau Pui Man and Cheng Chung Man received “Outstanding Volunteer Awards” recognizing their benevolence and effort. The award presentation ceremony was held in Pui Ching Middle School and our outstanding volunteers shared their invaluable experience and help promote this meaningful work, repaying our society.


HK Girl Guide SDG Junior Ambassador Programme-Exchange Program to Tokyo, Japan (5-9/07/2018)

Selected and sponsored by SDG Junior Ambassador Programme, 5E Wan Hau Ming received an invaluable chance to go to Tokyo and join different programs there with her counterparts to heighten their awareness of solving global problems and building their own leadership and communication skills, contributing to our community in the near future.


Music Tour to Shanghai (26-30/06/2018)

We would like to congratulate 31 True Light Bearers from our school and ten from our primary section on performing phenomenally and receiving great appreciation from all parties. Having a deep exchange an sharing with our counterparts from Shanghai Hanghua Middle School, Minhang Teenagers Activity Center and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, our students were privileged to know Professor Sun, a prestigious guzheng player and successor of Jiangnan sizhu and hear the songs players by her, widening o [......]

Reading Award Scheme on Promoting Students’ Learning in Chinese History & Chinese Culture

This year, our Chinese History Department joined EDB’s Reading Award Scheme on Promoting Students’ Learning in Chinese History and Chinese Culture and launched a series related activities including Book Recommendations, Special Exhibitions, Reading Report Contests. Outstanding teachers and students were awarded a Certificate of Merit, recognizing their talent and effort. Congratulations!

Wing Lung Archery Cup 2018 (03/07/2018)

Both our senior and junior teams of Archery won the 1st Runner-up and 3rd Runner-up titles respectively in the Wing Lung Archery Cup 2018. Congratulations!