Making the News

Mathematics Mini Lecture and Demonstration at HKUST

Students from S4B participated in the Mini Lecture and Demonstration organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 3rd November, 2018. It was an invaluable experience for students to attend the lecture in a top university.

KTL 70th Joint Section Exhibition

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of our school, KTL 70th Anniversary Joint Section Exhibition is jointly organized by students from our secondary, primary and kindergarten sections and alumnae in Shatin Town Hall Exhibition Gallery from 16th to 18th November, 2018. The magnificent display of over 300 pieces of works of different creative media in Visual Arts and Home Economics will not only demonstrate the thoughts and feelings of True Light bearers towards life, but also showcase their fabulou [......]

Innovative technology Green engineering, New Energy New Generation

This year, ten S5 and S6 students participated in a solar car design and manufacturing programme. Through a series of workshops, students have developed a solid knowledge base and interest in STEM activities, in which their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills across disciplines to solve authentic problems has been strengthened. Their creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills have also been enhanced while their potential in innovation has been unleashed.


Children’s Council Project

From April to October this year, the Liberal Studies Department has chosen 5A Lee Sai Ying to participate in the Children’s Council Project jointly organised by Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, Against Child Abuse and Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights. As a Child Councilor, Lee Sai Ying was able to voice out for children in Hong Kong and arouse public awareness on children’s rights.

HKUST Science Laboratory Workshop for STEM Education

Three of our S4 students who study Chemistry have joined a STEM experiential workshop organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Participating in workshops such as “The Mystery of colourful fountains”、 “The chemistry of eggs” and “Chemical cell” has not only enhanced students’ understanding of some Chemistry topics, but also aroused their interest in studying Chemistry.


Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Student Union, the Student Fellowship & the Head Prefect, was held in our school hall on 2nd October 2018. After Principal Lee lighted up the candles of the new chairladies, the leaders lighted the other officials’ light and passed the light along one by one. They took an oath to show their faith and promise to serve others. Principal Lee gave us a speech to inspire all the student leaders to equip ourselves with the qualities of a leader and serve others wi [......]

Platinum Jubilee of Kowloon True Light School – 1st Joint School Bilingual Youth Forum

In order to foster students’ understanding of the legal system from different perspectives, encourage them to obey the law, enhance their self-confidence and critical thinking skills and provide them a platform to exchange ideas with others, our school organized Platinum Jubilee of Kowloon True Light School – First Joint School Bilingual Youth Forum.

We were honoured to have invited Mr TSANG Yok-sing, Jasper, GBM, GBS, JP, and Mr. FAN Hoi-kit, Alex, member of the Youth Development Commissi [......]

A Centennial School Song, from Guangzhou to Hong Kong – an interview by Ming Po

Together with the principals from the other three True Light schools, our principal, Ms. LEE Yi-ying was interviewed by Ming Po about our school song. In the interview titled “A Centennial School Song, from Guangzhou to Hong Kong”, the principals talked about the history of establishing True Light in Guangzhou over a hundred years ago, the origin of our school song, the historical background and the Chinese cultural value of the lyrics, and the unique custom of True Light – Passing t [......]

Inter-school Swimming Competition 18-19 Division 3

In the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation, our school has got Girls Grade A Champion. 5C Li Yuet Sum Phyllis was the champion in 50M Backstroke and 50M Butterfly while 5D Ho Cheuk Yu has been awarded the 2nd Runner-up in 50M Freestyle and the 3rd Runner up in 100M Freestyle. Our team including 3C Wu Ning Ga Lindy, 5B Chan Hoi Ching, 5C Li Yuet Sum Phyllis and 5D Ho Cheuk Yu also won the 4X50M Medley Relay. Congratulations to our school swimming team!


Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2018-2019

Our English Debate Team members (3C Jennifer Mok, 3D Nicole Lam and 3D Bridget Ma) won in round 1 of the Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2018-2019 (Division 1, EMI Schools) against PLK Ngan Po Ling College on the motion that production of biofuels should be stopped. Congratulations to the three debaters and good luck in the next round of the competition.