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Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results

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Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results


TL 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou TL School (11/11/2017)

On 11 November, we were honoured to join True Light 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou True Light School, showcasing True Light bearer’s talents in Arts and Music from all schools. We first appreciated the artistic and cultural performances by the representatives from Guangzhou True Light School in the morning during the unveiling ceremony.

After the afternoon rehearsal, in the evening, all True Light Schools from Guangzhou and Hong Kong gave the audience a bi [......]

Inter-school Fencing 2017-2018 (06/11/2017)

We would like to congratulate 1D Tang Chung Hei on winning the Third Place (Individual Girls C Grade Sabre) in Inter-school Fencing 2017-2018 Kowloon Area, revealing her athleticism and fitness. We are so proud of her achievement!

Hong Kong Secondary School Student Business Start-up Competition (21/10/2017)

This summer, our students collected various information and opinions from our community and designed different hand-made products with local and cultural characteristics, revealing Hong Kong’s ways of happiness and living style. Their creativity and efforts were again recognized by the competition organizer, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals—Creative Cube. This competition not only provides opportunities for our students to run a business, encouraging them to utilize their talents but also helps promo [......]

Joint-school Youth Forum, Justice Education Project (09/10/2017)

To raise students’ awareness and deepen their understanding of Hong Kong Basic Law, a joint-school youth forum, as a part of Justice Education Project, was held in our school. It also helps develop their abilities of critical reasoning on social justice and criminal behaviors.

To elicit more responses and comments from the students of our schools and the participating schools, a Question and Answer session was organized to facilitate students expressing their opinions and acquiring more knowledg [......]

Transplanting seedlings of turnera ulmifolia

To all teachers, parents and students,

Here are the steps of transplanting seedlings of turnera ulmifolia:

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An Invaluable Visit from Principal Butt (09/10/2017)

Our honourable Ms. Butt Yee Har, the Principal of our school from 1978 to 1991, visited us again on 9 October 2017. Principal Butt led and witnessed our school becoming a fully government-aided secondary school and the primary section and kindergarten remained self-financed. It is an invaluable occasion to have her here again to visit all the staff members including Principal Lee and other students from all three sections (secondary, primary and kindergarten), seeing the wonderful progress and t [......]

Primary Schools Basketball Competition (Kowloon True Light Cup) (07/10/2017)

There will be a series of activities inviting students from primary schools to participate. One of them was the Primary Schools Basketball Competition (Kowloon True Light Cup). We invited 6 primary schools to take part in this event which a great way for the students to sharpen the skills and strategies of playing basketball. They all had fun playing with their school friends while representing their schools too.

The names of the participating schools are as follows:
Canossa School (Hong Kong)

Winning in Inter-school Swimming Competition (06/10/2017)

Our school swimming team succeeded in winning the following prizes in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation HK Island and Kowloon Secondary Schools Inter-school Swimming Competition 2017-18:
Girls B Grade Champion
Girls A Grade 3rd Runner-up
Girls Overall 2nd Runner-up

Congratulations to all swimming team members and a big thank you to 3D Jamie Chiu’s parents making a heart-warming cake for celebrating the team’s achievement!


A Professional Sharing between Primary and Secondary Sections (06/10/2017)

To strengthen the cooperation and development of both Primary and Secondary Sections, we had invited the panel heads of the main subjects from both schools to have a professional dialogue on 6 Oct 2017. This time the teaching staff members from the Primary Section share what they have been doing to enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness to us and we gain a lot of invaluable insights and ideas from them.