Making the News

KTLS Parent Teacher Association—Picnic Day (21/05/2017)

To help build better relationships between parents, students and teachers, our Parent Teacher Association organized a picnic day on the 21st May, 2017 (Sunday) for us to take time out from our busy lives to enjoy a day in Sai Kung, including visits to High Island and Yim Tim Tsai. We also enjoyed a delectable seafood banquet. It was indeed a lovely, joyful day which we treasured.


Admission results from The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (2016-17)

Good news! We are honoured to have 9 students admitted to The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (2016-17). The full list can be retrieved from the following hyperlink:

Admission Results from The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (2016-17)

A friendly visit and tutelage from Dr Edward Wickham (16/05/2017)

On May 16th, we were honoured to have invited Dr Edward Wickham, Director of Music at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, to revisit us, especially our choir members and the actresses who performed in the Musical in the U.K. last summer. Having previously taken part in a choral exchange with Dr Wickham’s Girls Choir in Cambridge, Dr Wickham once again came to our school to teach our School Choir knowledge and techniques in enhancing their singing. We have gained a lot from him and also want to e [......]

“ACEA HK Primary & Secondary School English Writing Competition 2016-2017” (09/05/2017)

We are proud to have won two awards in the “Asia Children Education Association – Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition 2016-2017″. Out of 6000 entries (students) from 155 schools, Lam Hei Yiu, Hilary and Lee Man Tung, Ella from 4A receive the awards of “Most Popular Article (Silver)” and “Most Creative Writer (Merit)” respectively.

The winning pieces of writing were selected by judges from one of the main organizers – [......]

True Light 145th & KTLS 68th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service (06/05/2017)

True Light 145th & KTLS 68th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service was held on the 6th of May 2017. On that day, over 150 guests and alumnae from all walks of life came to our school to share the joy of our school’s anniversary. The preacher of the Thanksgiving Service was our school supervisor, Rev. Wu Ping-kit; he encouraged all of us to commemorate the founder of True Light School, Ms. Harriet Noyes, who endured a lot of hardship, but conquered all kinds of difficulties to pave the way for th [......]

The True Light 145th Anniversary Variety Show (03/05/2017)

On 3 May, 2017, in the Academic Community Hall at the Hong Kong Baptist University, True Light girls proved that a long history and a lot of talent make a great combination. The school celebrated its 145th anniversary with a showcase of artistic, musical and acting talent. There were a multitude of events during the show, including the qipao catwalk shows by both secondary students and primary students who were accompanied by their mothers, music pieces presented by the orchestras of both the pr [......]

3D Stop Motion Competition (01/05/2017)

Ip Nam and Ng Chun Wing from 4A won the First Prize in the 3D Stop Motion Competition (2016-17) jointly organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the City University of Hong Kong. We congratulate them on their creativity and versatility.

HKCCCC’s 3 on 3 Basketball Competition (01/05/2017)

Our School’s basketball team won the first runner-up prize in the 3 on 3 Basketball Competition organized by The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China, showing superb teamwork and talents. Congratulations on their success.

School Visits to Hangzhou (26-29/03/2017)

Thanks to the Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme and Sister School Scheme, this year, a group of 17 teachers, led by Principal Lee, visited secondary schools including Hangzhou Senior High School and our sister school, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School, in Hangzhou in March in order to enhance our professional capacity through lesson observations and professional conferencing.

We also visited various scenic spots including West Lake, Eight Diagram Field, The Grand [......]

Press Release on MingPao (22/03/2017)

Our Math Department has joined the “Seed” Project from EDB to explore and develop strategies on the teaching and learning of calculating the curved surface area of various sizes of units. It incorporates the knowledge of both Physics and Biology, making use of the sizes of big and small rats as examples. Our school has been pioneering and promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in our curriculum and this strongly enhances teaching and learning effectiveness, n [......]