Press Release

“Running Youth X Kowloon City Got Talent” Orienteering competition

8 F2 students recommended by the Liberal Studies Department participated in the “Running Youth X Kowloon City Got Talent” Orienteering competition jointly held by the Kowloon City District Office, Kowloon City District Youth Programme Committee and HKFYG Jockey Club Farm Road Youth S.P.O.T. on 10 Mar this year. Students actively searched for 15 checkpoints within 3 hours. The fun and challenging experience allowed them to understand the community more.


High Table Dinner of Project Legacy

Project Legacy was launched by the Hong Kong Police Force in December, 2017. It aimed to make good use of the police alumni to engage their alma maters on matters of common interest that lies beyond the traditional police context. On 18th April 2019, school representatives, 4A CHAN Kwan-sheung Gabbie and 4C PONG Yui-chi were invited to the High Table Dinner cum Sharing Session held at the School of Foundation Training of Police College. Professor Gabriel LEUNG, the Dean of the LKS Faculty of Me [......]

“4•23 World Book Day Creative Competition” in 2019

Reading Ambassadors took part in 4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition 2019 actively. So Fung Chi from 4A was given the Award of Merit in Senior Secondary Section (Chinese).

KTL 70th Anniversary – Special Issue at Ming Pao

Issued on 30th April 2019, a special 2-page spread on Ming Pao is dedicated to all the features and recent development of Kowloon True Light School. Please purchase a copy and read it in relish and pride!

Russian Study Tour by English Department

A group of S1 to S5 students visited Moscow on a study tour where they explored drama, art, architecture, religion and language in the capital of Russia with the company of Assistant Principal Cheung Pak Ki (English Panel Head). A lot of engaging and eye opening activities took place, such as circus show, Russian-doll painting workshop, cruise, local school visit and family visit, which came with family activities like “Escape Quest” and cable car ride. The group even put on a drama performance [......]

Closing Ceremony of The Academy for Fledgling Talents cum Parents Seminar of Gifted Education

Let’s apply for this event by filling the online application form.

Our School Orchestra winning the Gold Award!

Congratulations to our School Orchestra! They were awarded the Gold Award (a score of 90) in The Joint School Music Competition organized by Joint School Music Association.


“Blessing Action PEACE BOX” event

To support the “Blessing Action PEACE BOX” event, our school launched the “Kowloon True Light PEACE BOX”” campaign to promote the sharing of peace and hope.

In the past week, the school’s representatives of the Secondary School Leadership Team, the “4C” service team, the National and Social Caring Ambassadors and the UNICEF Volunteer Team, together with the Religious Committee, promoted the event and appealed to students to donate stationery, toys, daily [......]

S5 Geography field trip

On 18/4/2019, the S5 Geography class participated in a one-day coastal study on Cheung Chau organized by The Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Center. This field study equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out a field work and helps them better prepare for the fieldwork-based question in HKDSE. They were instructed and guided to collect data including wind speed, wave frequency, beach profile and sediment size in the morning and to analyze data in the afternoon.


Wan Chai Grassroots Industry Cultural Tour

Our school library and the Chinese Language Department jointly organised the “Wan Chai Grassroots Industry Cultural Tour” to enable Secondary 2 students to feel stories about Wan Chai scenery and the literate written by authors, and to understand the relationship between local history, community culture, life experience and literary creation.