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Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results

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Kowloon True Light School-HKDSE 2017 Results


2017-2020 Tender of Tuck shop and lunchbox supply(Online Version)

2017-2020 Tender of Tuck shop and lunchbox supply


God’s Love to Hong Kong (01/12/2017)

To touch the lives of the citizens and expatriates in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Gospel Festival held one of the biggest evangelical events—“God’s Love to Hong Kong”. Our form one and two students are so blessed that we could be part of it and listened to HIS message on 1 December 2017. The session we attended is mainly for secondary school students, motivating us to love ourselves and also others. We can fully feel the love and presence of our Lord.


Receiving guests from Japan (29/11/2017)

On 29 November 2017, a group of guests from Japan visited us to have an overview of moral, civic and national education in KTLS. Apart from reading textbooks, teaching materials, and the curriculum used in our school, they also observed a Liberal Studies lesson and talked to us, deepening their understanding of how Hong Kong schools teach and nurture students as an adult-to-be as well as a responsible citizen. It is a phenomenal exchange and sharing.


Study and Service Tour to Hezhou, Guangxi (24-26/11/2017)

With a view to broadening our horizons and deepening our understanding in our country’s agricultural villages, we participated in Study and Service Tour to Hezhou, Guangxi from 24 to 26 November 2017. We experienced the school environment of mainland China, seeing how education is different from that in cities, and to cultivate the virtue of serving others through contacting with a local school, as well as joining the service programmes offered to the school. We also truly reflected on our urban [......]

Morning Assembly by Student Fellowship (18/09/2017)

Today’s morning assembly was run by our Student Fellowship (SF), giving us a lot of warmth and surprise. The SF leaders first led us to sing praises to God, pray for all the teachers and students, especially new teachers and S.1 students, who are becoming adapted to the new environment smoothly. Then, having introduced us to the arrangement of this year’s student fellowship meetings, they gave every S.1 girl warm gifts—a welcome card followed by a welcome song.


Dr. Jason Chan from HKUST visiting our school (15/11/17)

We were honoured to have invited Dr. Jason Chan from HKUST, also the host of TV Program < Sidewalk Scientist> to deliver us a Chemistry lecture about the chemical substances which can shine. We were deeply interested in the lesson, gaining a lot from it. By the end of the class, the staff members also let us know more information about the admission requirement entering the School of Science (HKUST).


TL 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou TL School (11/11/2017)

On 11 November, we were honoured to join True Light 145th Anniversary Celebration cum the Unveiling Ceremony of Guangzhou True Light School, showcasing True Light bearer’s talents in Arts and Music from all schools. We first appreciated the artistic and cultural performances by the representatives from Guangzhou True Light School in the morning during the unveiling ceremony.

After the afternoon rehearsal, in the evening, all True Light Schools from Guangzhou and Hong Kong gave the audience a bi [......]

Now TV Interview with KTLS (13/11/2017)

Our school has joined Joyful@School since last school year to enhance awareness of students’ mental health. We were invited to be interviewed by Now TV as to organizing activities to enhance the understanding of mental health among students. Here is the hyperlink of the news report:
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Teachers’ Spiritual Enrichment Program (25/10/2017)

The first Teachers’ Spiritual Enrichment Program was held on 25th October, 2017. Our school takes care of the spiritual health of teachers and we believe that their spiritual health bring spiritual blessings to their students. Therefore, the program, which was taught by Principal Lee and Vice-Principle Ho, brings new teachers to know more about God and refreshes them spiritually through sharing.