Scout NT Region – Uniform Group Joint Camp (1-3/04/2018)

To let girl guides from different schools and districts share experience and build trust with one another, we joined the Scout NT Region – Uniform Group Joint Camp held at The Junior Police Call Permanent Activity Centre and Integrated Youth Training Camp at Pat Heung from 1 to 3 April 2018. All the participants enjoyed themselves through a series of team-building activities and experiential learning.


Training Program for Positive Ambassador (S1) (28-29/03/2018)

“A 2-day Training Camp for Positive Ambassador” was held from 28 to 29 March 2018 to raise the awareness of positive emotion and relationship among students and to enhance the positive learning atmosphere in school through different group games and team-building activities. It is meaningful and phenomenal for all the participants.


Study and Exchange Tour to Hangzhou, Suzhou (26-30/03/2018)

With a view to broadening students’ horizons and instilling in them positive values, our students participated in “The Study and Exchange Tour to Hangzhou and Suzhou”, sponsored by the Education Bureau. During the tour, they visited our sister school, Baochu Pagoda Experimental School, and had interflow activities with the students there. They also visited Longjingwencha Scenic Resort, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Tiger Hill and Sword Pond, Kun Opera Museum and so on to have a deep [......]

STEM Study Tour to Tokyo (26-30/03/2018)

To enrich the knowledge of our students related to Japanese science, technology and culture, our school arranged a Science and Technology Study Tour to Tokyo, Japan. Our students visited National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Fuji Television Network, Odaiba Marin Park, Sony Explora Science, Panasonic Centre, TOYOTA Mega Web, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories and Car Manufacturing Work house and so on. It is indeed a fruitful and valuable exploring experience.


Eco Cultural Study Tour to Taiwan (26-30/3/2018)

To have a better understanding in environmental protection in Taiwan, our Environmental Protection Committee arranged “The Eco Cultural Study Tour to Taiwan” from 26-30 March, 2018. Twenty students took part in the trip and visited an array of nature sites, environmental protection facilities and revitalized historic buildings. After the all the visits, they have a deeper understanding of how the Taiwanese government protects the environment and the local culture.


S5 True Light Bearers’ Experiential Camp (23-24/03/2018)

To foster a positive attitude towards challenges, the Student Affairs Committee organized a S5 True Light Bearers’ Camp from 23 to 24 March 2018 at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong – Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. Our S5 students’ willpower and resilience were further strengthened through the activities and reflections made throughout the camp. We wish them every success in their future.


KTLS graduate receiving scholarship from Huaqiao University (16/03/2018)

We would like to congratulate our 2014 graduate, Kan Hei-yee, on her scholarship granted by Huaqiao University for her outstanding performance in her study (Hotel Management).

Blossoming Art – CCC Centennial Anniversary Joint Secondary School Art Exhibition (23-28/03/2018)

Our school and other 26 CCC schools organize a joint secondary school art exhibition in City Hall (23-28 March 2018). This is a precious opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in arts. Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung,JP, Secretary for Education, and his colleagues also visited us, which is a great honour to our achievement.


The “Dennis and Anne Beaver Foundation” Bourse d’excellence Scholarship (26/03/2018)

Good news! We would like to congratulate 4A Carrie Kwok who has been given the scholarship to go to France for a 4-week linguistic stay at the St Denis International School (Loches, France). It is offered by the Dennis and Anne Beaver Foundation which aims at giving a hard-working and financially deserving Hong Kong senior secondary student a chance to get to know more about the language and culture of France. We wish her a good time during her stay.


School Leaders Development Programs (24/03/2018)

It is our honour to have Professor Cheung Yan Leung, the Principal of The Education University of Hong Kong, visiting the School Leaders Development Programs held in our school. Principal Lee of our school is also one of the part-time lectures for the Programs. At the end of the lecture, Professor Cheung dedicated a souvenir to our school and we are proud to know he was also a graduate of The HK True Light Middle School (Both Primary and Kindergarten Sections).