EDB Sharing Session of “Seed Projects”

Dr YIM Man-shun and Mr WONG Tsz-yin were invited by EDB as two of the guest speakers on 17/6/2019 at the EDB Sharing Session of “Seed Projects” titled “Exploration and Development of Effective Strategies for Promoting and Implementing STEM Education in Secondary Mathematics” for sharing experience in Mathematics-focused STEM education.


Liberal Studies Elite Leadership Training

On 14 April this year, 13 S3-S4 students from the Liberal Studies Elite Training Programme (Senior Secondary) participated in the Cultural Detective Experiential Programme held by the HKFYG Leadership Institute. Using interactive detective skills and technology, students had the chance to explore on the issue of cultural conservation.


Hong Kong Water Race

On 14 April this year, 15 F2-F3 students were selected by the Liberal Studies department to join the Hong Kong Water Race held by Wofoo Social Enterprises. Participants obtained clues for orienteering Tin Shui Wai by answering questions about water problems. Through the activity, participants learned more about the situation of water usage in Hong Kong and learn to treasure water resources.

Sports for all Day X LS Elites

On 12 April, students from the Liberal Studies Elite Training Programme (Senior Secondary) shared their learning products at the booth during lunch time on Sports for All Day. With the support from the Liberal Studies and Home Economics departments, they used the ingredients planted by the method Permaculture to make snacks and designed interactive games to let their school mates know more about Permaculture and sustainable development.


The 19th Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme

6 S4 students selected by the Liberal Studies and BAFS departments previously joined the 19th Wofoo Millennium Entrepreneurship Programme and won the Outstanding Award.

Sharing on the bridging of curriculum in the primary and section section

Teacher from the secondary and primary section attended a professional sharing about the features and teaching pedagogy of their respective curriculum. We aimed to enhance their mutual understanding so as to facilitate the bridging between the two sections.


Wien & Salzburg 2019 Music Tour

Wien & Salzurg 2019 Music Tour – 41 students (21 Primary and 20 Secondary), 11 parents, 2 teachers, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Pianist, and coordinator will present choral vocal and instrumental works in 5 performances.

KTLS 70th Anniversary Videos

KTLS 70th Anniversary Videos:

(hk) 九龍真光中學「五朵金花」智能手帶溫馨提點長者

Merit Award in Real- time Prose Writing Competition

5A KWOK Tsang-in and 4B WANG Chun-yi got a Merit Award in the 5th Hong Kong Secondary School Student Real- time Prose Writing Competition, in which the competition was keen with more than 700 participants. The students attended the prize giving ceremony on 25 May, 2019. Their works together with the judges’ comments will be published in “Hong Kong Pupil Monthly Magazine”.