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39th PTA AGM & S1/S2 Parents’ Tea Sharing

The 39th PTA AGM Parents’ Tea Sharing took place on the evening of 29th November. Attending parents were introduced to the PTA committee members and the activities over the year. The meeting with the class teacher, teachers of Chinese, English and Mathematics provided a platform for parents and teachers to communicate regarding students’ learning performance at school.


Swimming Gala

Kowloon True Light School Swimming Gala was sucessfully held on 6th December.

The results of the inter-house competitions are as follows:

Inter-house Grade A:
Champion: Purple
1st Runner up: Blue
2nd Runner up: Red

Inter-house Grade B:
Champion: Red
1st Runner up: Blue
2nd Runner up: Purple

Inter-house Grade C:
Champion: Purple
1st Runner up: Red
2nd Runner up: Blue

Inter-house Overall:
Champion: Purple
1st Runner up: Blue
2nd Runner up: Red

Special thanks to Ms Cheng Ka Yan, member of the Hong [......]

True Light Basketball Cup 2019-2020

Basketball Teams from 6 primary schools were invited to compete in the captioned event scheduled for 7th Decemeber. The intense compeition and the outstandfing performance of the players made the event a huge success. Parents’ cheers and participants’ vibrance also invigotated the competition very much.


Walk with Veteran: A Visit to Secret Tour (Marketing and Advertising Agency)

In this academic year, LTC has launched the scheme “Walk with Veteran”, where professionals from various fields are invited to be mentors for high achievers, who are then well-equipped for related offcampus competitions. We organized a visit to Secret Tour, a renowned brand experience agency. During the visit, students met its Creative Partner Mr Stephen Chung, who gave students an introduction of the advertising industry and invaluable advice for them to participate in an upcoming advertising c [......]

Arrangement of PTA Activities

Due to the unstable social and traffic situations, it is decided that the above-mentioned trip scheduled on 1st December (Sun) will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that the participation fees will be returned by the class teachers to the students who have enrolled.

As scheduled, the 39th Annual General Meeting will take place on 29th November 2019(Fri), followed by the S1 & S2 Parents Meeting . The event begins at 6 pm and is expected to en [......]

Sherlock Holmes Fest

In complement with S2 Literary Module, The English Department organized Sherlock Holmes Fest earlier this month with an aim to introduce and promote detective stories and books, particularly those featuring Sherlock Holmes as a character. Activities included lunchtime group game – Murderer’s Mystery, book showcase, board display (Introduction of SH’s canon and quiz, SH-related games and reading materials on English Speaking Day and a Form Assembly for S2 where interactive and thrilling group gam [......]

Arrangement of after school activities

Starting from today, all supplementary lessons and extracurricular activities resume as scheduled.

Arrangement regarding Athletics Meet

Athletics Meet will take place tomorrow (13/11) and the day after (14/11). Students should arrive at the venue at 8:00 am. Lunch time starts approximately at 11:30 am and ends at 1:00 pm. Events on both days shall finish by 3:00 pm. Please refer to eclass regarding the schedule of events.

Cases of lateness due to the traffic are to be handled with discretion. Considering the district of residence, the transportation to and from the venue as well as safety, parents are to decide whether their dau [......]

The Parents’ Academy

The Parents’ Academy on 16th November 2019 will be cancelled.

Arrangement regarding after-school activities on 12th November

In consideration of the traffic in the afternoon, all activities scheduled after school, including extracurricular activities, training sessions and extended lessons, are cancelled today. Students will be dismissed at 4:10 pm as usual. All students are to leave the school campus by 4:45pm. Any further arrangement will be announced through our school website and the school app. Thank you for your attention.