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Harvesting with Pride at 2019 HKDSE

Harvesting with Pride at 2019 HKDSE

High School Summer Camp 2019

Ten S4 students participated in “High School Science Camp 2019”, organized by China Association of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. They visited Nanjing University where they met more than 200 high school students of mainland China, attended science seminars hosted by renowned professors and participated in workshop of robotics. The tour provided them an eye-opening experience, with their heightened interest in the field and better und [......]

Basketball Team and Volleyball Team Training tour

The school basketball and volleyball teams went on a training tour to Kaohsiung from 15 to 20 July. Training matches were conducted with local schools. Our school teams benefited much through their assiduity and exposure.

Pre-S1 Growth Day Camp

Organized by the Discipline and Guidance Committee, the Pre-S1 Growth Day Camp aimed at helping S1 students understand and adapt themselves to the secondary school life in terms of learning and developing interpersonal relationship, with the help of prefects who introduced the campus facilities and some school regulations to them. Students wrote their new year goals on “bamboo dragonflies” in the hopes that they can also soar and take a high leap as the dragonflies do. This has been a warm welco [......]

Prefect training 2019

All prefects underwent training organized by the Discipline and Guidance Committee on the first school day in preparation for their duties of the upcoming academic year.

School Opening Ceremony

The new academic year has started. The opening ceremony was held in Cheung Lo Church (Church of Christ in China) where all KTL students gathered for a new beginning of their school life. They prayed and praised the Lord for the blessings. Principal Lee and teachers also encouraged students to develop into self-directed learners and to take charge of every learning opportunity in this year, with “Only You” as the year theme.


“Love-Link” song writing and lyric writing performance competition

Congratulations on our alumnae Kwok Nga You, Kwok Wai Ying and Yeung Hiu Lam (2017-2018), who won two titles, namely “Champion in song and lyric writing” and “My favourite song” in the captioned competition by their original song “Hoping” created back in senior secondary. As a collaboration of the Hong Kong SKH Welfare Council and The Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries, the competition was aimed at promoting life education with the theme of exploring life values and enhancin [......]

Joint section staff development workshop

A joint section staff development workshop of the primary and secondary sections was held on 21/8. We invited Professor Lau Kit Ling from CUHK, who is one of the leading researchers of self regulated learning in Hong Kong. She gave us a sharing about her studies. Afterwards, teachers of different KLAs discussed and shared their challenges and strategies in developing self-directed learners. The workshop was valuable in providing insight for the implementation of self regulated learning in the co [......]

Winning in Teen Time: Broadcasting Series

A group of our S3 students became one of the 3 winning teams of RTHK 3’s “Teen Time: Broadcasting Workshop Series 18/19”. They developed a programme called “Off The Grid” from scratch, including the script, voice talents, and all the editing work. As a winning team, they had program hostess Ms Alyson Hau visit them at the school campus where a workshop took place. They were then invited to RTHK where they remade their recording with top-notch facilities at RTHK and the advice from Ms Hau.

It wa [......]

The 10th National Leadership For High School Students Assembly

Our school team received the First Place Award in the first round with “Kowloon True Light Multifaceted Service 2.0”, which was developed based on the project last year. Students were encouraged to develop a creative mind so as to come up with ideas to serve children of various backgrounds and traits in the community. A total of 165 hours of service activities were hosted, which was a result of their endeavour in exploring their strengths and making use of their networking.

In the second round, [......]