Campus Buzz

October 2014

Form 1


Music for the Millions (29/09/2014)

It was our honour to have invited teachers from the Music Office to hold a concert – Music for the Millions in our school on 29th September, 2014. Its objective is to promote an interest in music among young people through an entertaining and educational music programme.

The concert began with the theme song of the programme ‘Music for the Millions’ together with the beautiful voice of our school’s choir. In the concert, a group of teachers from the Music Office gave us performances on var [......]

Joint School Drama Night (10/10/2014)

Joint School Drama Night has allowed us to restage Much Ado About Nothing with Ying Wa College, and thus has enriched our girls’ understanding on Shakespeare, as well as what it truly means to partake in drama and theater. It was an exquisite experience to witness how the whole play came alive in the hands of these boys and girls in two months’ time. Their dedication, enthusiasm and creativity has greatly impressed the audience, and made the production worth more than gold.


Student Fellowship Polling Day (25/9/2014)

After the Student Fellowship Election Forum in which a group of Christian candidates expressed themselves sincerely to promote the best of their abilities in order to campaign for the posts of the Student Fellowship, the Student Fellowship Polling Day was held on 25th September, 2014. Finally, Form 5C Chan Wing Yin, is going to be the leader of the Student Fellowship in this year. Congratulations!

By 3D Reina Tsui Hoi Yan


Swimming Gala (24/9/2014)

On Wednesday morning, 24th September, 2014, students from Kowloon True Light School arrived at the Morse Park Swimming Pool for the annual Swimming Gala. As usual, it was an exciting event with lots of cheering and competitive races. Every spectator was very excited and rooted for their respective houses enthusiastically!

All the competitors did very well, and all houses got incredible results! Captains of the four houses were very proud of their members, not only the competitors, but also the c [......]

S4 Learning Day (27/9/2014)

S4 Learning Day was held in our school hall on 27 September 2014. The S4 Learning Day is very useful for the True Light senior girls. It is a time to show us the differences between junior and senior forms and a time to know more about our future. An educational psychologist was invited to give us a talk on the various studying skills. Also, our school teachers have had some interesting sharing with us, such as playing a video about the top scorer in 2014 DSE. We can find a better way for studyi [......]

SU/ SF Election Forum (22/9/2014)

The annual Student Union and Student Fellowship forum was held on 22nd of September, 2014. All of the students engaged in this forum. They all participated in the event excitedly and they listened to everyone’s introduction carefully and attentively.
The representatives of the cabinets for the Student Union briefly introduced their visions and missions in the first part. After that, the representatives questioned their counterparts’ principles. Finally, it was the electives’ opportunities to que [......]

UK Study Tour students’ reflection (17/9/2014)

S.2D Audrey Cheung Hau Man

July 29 has been the most exciting moment for me in these years. That night I departed for London for a 19-day study trip without my parents’ companion. This is the first time I have ever travelled by myself. I had been longing for the adventurous days. The flight to London was boring and tiring. We departed near midnight, but we were too excited that we could not fall asleep during the whole journey. Although we were really sleepy upon arrival, we were wide awak [......]

Summer Tour to England (8/9/2014)

There were 16 participants in True Light Joint-School Advanced Summer Tour to England this year. We visited many places, including Cambridge University, St Paul’s Cathedral, Covent Garden, and the British Museum. We worked very hard to complete a magazine and practiced for our farewell drama presentation.
On the day of the presentation, our host families came and gave us support. It was a great success, and we received a huge round of applause. The day before our departure, our host families hel [......]

RTHK Strive for DSE 「奮發時刻」(5/9/2014)

Our teacher, Miss TANG YEE WAN, and DSE 2014 graduates, NG YING HUNG, CHEUNG SHU YUAN and LEE CRYSTAL will present in the above-mentioned RTHK program from 9:00 to 9:30 p.m. on 21st October 2014, with Miss Tang as an invited guest. Topics such as how to have good time management, how to cope with stress and how to prepare for the public exam will be discussed while they are sharing their valuable experience.

NG YING HUNG is now studying in the IBBA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, CHEUNG [......]