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Gospel Dinner in the year of the Horse (17/3/14)

Gospel Dinner in the year of the Horse

In the evening of 26th February, 2014, our Principal, Vice principals and around 30 teachers were invited to a gospel dinner organized by the Youth for Christ. It was such an honour to have the presence of our former Chief Secretary for Administration of the SARS, Mr. Stephen Lam Sui Lung, GBS JP, who shared his spiritual journey and his experience in overcoming various hurdles in his life with his faith in God. His political acumen and resilience shown whe [......]

Athletics Meet(18/2/2014)

Our school’s 34th Athletics Meet was held at Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground on February 7 and 11.
In her opening speech, our Principal, Mrs. Sandra Hon, highlighted the importance of perseverance and invited the cheering teams to support their houses. This helped students inspire their self-confidence, enthusiasm and morale. In her prayer, the chaplain, Ms. Lee Yuk Lin, prayed for fine weather and she encouraged all the athletes to try their best in the events.
The second day, when all the finals we [......]

A Visit to Noah’s Park (28/2/2014)

A Visit to Noah’s Park                                   Rosa Chu, 6C

It was an unforgettable memory for me! The items displayed opened our eyes.  When we saw the old bibles, over hundred years old, we felt surprised.

We played many other games too and had a chance to experience an earthquake!  It reminded me of the disasters in Sichuan and Japan.  I hope God will bless the victims’ family members.

Our highlight for the day was the tour leading us to go through the Bible story about Moses.  Then [......]

High Table Tea (28/2/2014)

On the 21st of February, our Form six girls had a high table tea with our principal Ms Lee. After listening to the inspiring speech of our guests, all class representatives also gave a speech with tears in their eyes. They would surely miss their beloved mother school but they all know they are going to turn over to a new leaf. They have spent most of their time at this school for six years. It was hard for them to leave their friends and teachers. They will try their best in the DSE to repay te [......]

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014 (11/3/2014)

The annual drama festival was held on 7th March (Friday) in our school hall. Our school’s drama team had prepared for it for a couple of months and the members were all wildly excited about it. The term put their original play, Humanity, on stage on that day and it talks about a city without emotions and feelings. The performance finally ended in rounds of applause and it is hoped that the term can get a good result this year.


A Visit to the Central and Western Heritage Trail (11/3/2014)

A Visit to the Central and Western Heritage Trail

In order to encourage students to learn more from books and to let them have a better understanding of the history of Hong Kong, the school teacher organized a field trip for the Reading Ambassadors on 8th March.  The Ambassadors visited the Central and Western Heritage Trail, including the Statue Square, Cenotaph, Old Supreme Court, Former French Mission Building, St. John’s Cathedral and Flagstaff House (Museum of Tea Ware). All of them found t [......]

Dinner with Special Visitors (7/3/2014)

Dinner with Special Visitors
Michelle Rohla

On the 27 February of 2014 I took the dinner with my host family, the Yips. This sounds quite usual, maybe boring, too, but this time was different. We had special visitors including Ms Anna Bartels representing the German Council of Hong Kong on duty as the Deputy Consul General. AFS Executive Director Mr Hung Truong also took an important part. Since the school life takes a great part of the exchange experience our Principal Ms Lee and Vice Principal [......]

Form Two Project-Based Learning – Field Trip (12/2/2014)

Event: Form Two Project-Based Learning – Field Trip
Date: 22th January, 2014

To allow students to consolidate their knowledge and skills and to help them develop independent learning capabilities, a cross-curriculum, project-based form of learning has been designed for the S2 students this year. One of the important learning experiences was a field trip. The places that were visited were Cheung Chau, Kowloon Bay Pilot Composting Plant, Tuen Mun Castle Peak Power Station, Tseung Kwan O Land [......]

The 29th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition (7/1/2014)

Sing Tao Daily 13/11/2013

The lively and heated debate between Kowloon True Light School and PHC Wing Kwong College was most captivating. Both sides had spent a lot of time researching the topic: leaving young persons or children aged under 12 unattended at home may constitute a criminal offence. Both sides made a lot of reference to expert opinions and used various kinds of evidence and data.

The underlying principle of the argument for the affirmative [......]

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