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In order to enrich student’s understanding about tertiary education and university life, the Careers Committee has organized lunch gatherings for alumni and our students for several times. We have invited our graduates studying at different universities to have sharing on our campus. Our students listened to the talks attentively and raised questions often in group discussion. We would like to extend our thankfulness to our alumni and to thank for the active participation of our schoolmates.


Nov 2013

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Information Day (1/12/2013)

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Joint School Drama Night (4/11/2013)

To enhance cultural exchange between schools, we joined hands with Ying Wa College to produce a splendid Drama Night to the audience on 28th September. We put our award-winning play, Illusions, on the stage again, but this is certainly a different one. We invited boys from Ying Wa College and St. Paul’s College to join in our play and it was such a fruitful experience for all the participants. The show was exceptionally spectacular and it finally ended in a cheerful mood with the applause of the [......]

S4 Learning Day(21/9/2013)

S4 Learning Day

To help students adjust to the senior secondary school life, the school organized a S4 Learning Day on 21st September, 2013 (Saturday). Through talks, sharing, group discussion and practical tasks, students are more aware of the new challenges ahead and the importance of lateral thinking. It is hoped that students are able to set realistic learning goals for the three-year-senior secondary course to enhance their learning motivation and effectiveness. Most students found this [......]

Swimming Gala (19/9/2013)

The 12th Swimming Gala of Kowloon True Light

The school’s 12th Swimming Gala was successfully held on the 19th of September in the Morse Park Swimming Pool. A brief but solemn flag raising ceremony marked the beginning of the half- day event. Our School Chaplain, Ms. Lee then led a prayer to encourage all of our swimmers to try their best. Following the prayer came our principal, Ms. Lee’s marvellous speech. On behalf the school, she extended thanks to different parties, including teachers in ch [......]

2013-2014 SU & SF Polling Day

Recently, the two candidate cabinets – the Ignite and the Gravity had been campaigning for the 2013-2014 Student Union. It was found that students made various posters, beautiful leaflets and cards in order to gain votes from their schoolmates. The other side, a group of Christian students have expressed themselves sincerely to promote the best of their abilities, in order to campaign for the posts of the Student Fellowship this year. In spite of the delay caused by Typhoon Usagi, the SU &amp [......]

School and Home Energy Saving Scheme (17/9/2013)

This year, the theme of the Environmental Education Committee is to ‘Reduce Waste, Cut Energy Use’.  In addition to holding a range of activities, the school has participated in the ‘School and Home Energy Saving Scheme’ organized by CLP Power HK Limited.  It aims to encourage students to cultivate energy saving habits both at school and at home so that you can lead a green life. The school has joined the scheme.  Please join us with your family!

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2012-2013 Highlights & Events


22 Jul 2013
2013-2014 S1 Class Allocation

36th P.T.A. Activities

17 Jul 2013
KTL Special 2012

9 Jul 2013

School Closing Ceremony


3-5 Jul 2013

Summer Leadership Training Camp


29 Jun 2013

The Songwriting Competition for Youths of Hong Kong 2013


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Evening of the “Ai Wan” Form Council


21 Jun 2013

Graduation Ceremony


18 Jun 2013

"Faith in Love" KTL Girls Sending [......]

Summer Leadership Training Camp (3-5/7/2013)