Academic Development

Maths Week (10/02/2017)

Maths Week took place from the 7th to the 9th of February, involving various calculating activities for our schoolmates to allow them to see the fun in maths. While many students might associate maths with endless exercises and boredom, Maths Week offered an alternative approach, leading to the ignition of a new passion for the subject in students. The various activities allowed us to become more confident in our mathematical abilities, in addition to developing their team work, perseverance, an [......]

Winning in an Essay Writing Contest (11/01/2017)

Organized by The Hong Kong Academy of School Managers, Lee Chi Ching from 5A was awarded Merit in The Liberal Studies and History Essay Writing Contest for Secondary School Students. We congratulate her on her success and wish her further advancement

English Week and Italian Culture Day (12-16/12/2016)

In order to enhance student’s interests in learning English, different marvelous and interesting activities were held during the English Week from 12-16 Dec, 2016 to let students enjoy the fun of using English language. The theme of this year’s English Week was Culture around the World. Early every morning, we had our English ambassadors acting as DJs to introduce and play various English songs to their schoolmates. We also organized a movie show, new English book exhibition and boot [......]

Joint School S.6 Oral Practice (08/12/2016)

Students and teachers from 6 secondary schools participated in the Joint-school English Oral Practice held at our school on 8 December, aimed at letting students have better preparation for the HKDSE. We were so honoured to have invited students from Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School for this event. Students underwent two rounds of group discussion and individual response, together with teachers’ feedback afterwards. We wish them all the best for the coming mock exams.


Inter-form Debating Competition (30/11/2016)

Since debating is a great way to gain confidence, develop thinking and language skills and enhance awareness of the world around us, we held an inter-form debating competition on 30 November, 2016 in order to let both student debaters and audience have a chance to use this vehicle to stretch their potential further. The motion of the debate was that the Hong Kong Government should significantly increase financial incentives for families to have children. Both teams (affirmative and negative) mad [......]

A Visit by Guangzhou True Light (9-10/11/2016)

27 students and teachers from Guangzhou True Light visited out school on 9th and 10th November, 2016. Besides joining our campus tour, they had first-hand experience of studying in Hong Kong by attending lessons with our Secondary 4 and 5 students. Not only was this a wonderful academic and cultural exchange for students and teachers in both Guangzhou and Kowloon True Light, it also helped forge a stronger relationship between us.


A Brilliant Start for the School Chinese Debate Team (19/10/2016)

Last Saturday, our Chinese Debate Team had a brilliant start in the 16th Basic Law Debating Competition organized by the Joint Committee for the Promotion of The Basic Law of Hong Kong. Our team won the first match against United Christian College (2-0) over the motion that the negative income tax implementation should be put forward by the government of HKSAR.

Congratulations to all team members (3D Lau Cheuk Ying, 4A Li Kris, 5A Chan Ho Ying, 5B Cheng Wing Yan).Your dedication and efforts are [......]

S4 Form Assembly-Miss True Light Star (17/10/2016)

S4 Form Assembly, named Miss True Light Star, was held on 17 October 2016. The class presidents of the five classes helped arrange various activities including spelling bee, pictionary, simulation drama and Q&A. Both the contestants and audience enjoyed the competition in which they could learn English in a fun way and have more chances to use the language.


S4 Learning Day (15/10/2016)

Last Saturday, all S4 students went to school and joined the S4 Learning Day. On that day, various talks about learning, managing emotions, building character and developing problem-solving skills were held by our teachers, former students and social workers.

The first part of the program was led by our Vice Principal, Miss Ho, talking about how students should prioritize our time for revision and rest, striving for a work-life balance. She further shared with us the best way to revise effectiv [......]

Chinese Drama Appreciation—Confucius 63 (13/10/2016)

To enhance students’ interest and develop their abilities to appreciate Chinese drama, our Chinese teachers arranged a drama appreciation of Confucius 63 for our S.5 girls, watching it at the auditorium of Kwai Tsing Theatre. Based on real history, Confucius 63 is an original drama production that unfolds the Maestro’s hidden moments of weaknesses and hardships that are rarely known, reshaping the image of Confucius as a paragon for over 2,000 years and extending our horizons in self-expression, [......]