HKIC: History Heritage Tour – former Fanling Magistracy

To raise students’ interest in learning history, our S4 students taking History as their elective subject joined a guided tour “HKIC Building Heritage Tour and visited the former Fanling Magistracy. Opened in 1961, the former Fanling Magistracy was the first Magistracy in the New Territories. Along with the neoclassical architectural style with an emphasis on the balance in structure and proportion, key elements such as original facade, defendants’ carport, Court Room 2 are preserved after revitalization. Students were taken through the conserved spaces in the Former Fanling Magistracy, recollecting the historical development of the Magistracy and the New Territories. They also learnt about the judicial work with an experience of a mixture of an elegant colonial architecture with modern technology. By using mixed reality and augmented reality technology, culture and history are combined to give students a unique and challenging experience to better appreciate their surroundings and understand history.