Li Po Chun Model United Nations (LPCMUN) 2019

16 students from Form 3 and 4 joined Li Po Chun Model United Nations (LPCMUN) conference on 30-31 March 2019. It was a student-led forum for stimulation and meaningful discussion that students coming from different schools and across the world held debates on global issues, ranging from the recent Venezuelan Crisis, China’s Xinjiang policy towards the Uighur Muslim Minority, Korean War in historical context and combating greenhouse gas emissions worldwide in response to the climate change over the last few decades. Many of our students had their firsts in this conference, yet they made major breakthroughs in stepping out of their comfort zone as they were willing to learn and try through the journey of self-discovery, growth and development. It has been an excellent educational opportunity for students to understand more of the United Nations’ work as delegates in various committees, and more importantly, to improve their research skills and public speaking ability by learning collaboratively.