“Blessing Action PEACE BOX” event

To support the “Blessing Action PEACE BOX” event, our school launched the “Kowloon True Light PEACE BOX”" campaign to promote the sharing of peace and hope.

In the past week, the school’s representatives of the Secondary School Leadership Team, the “4C” service team, the National and Social Caring Ambassadors and the UNICEF Volunteer Team, together with the Religious Committee, promoted the event and appealed to students to donate stationery, toys, daily necessities, and clothes, as gifts, and send their love and blessings to those in need in society. The event was well-received, and more than 50 boxes of gifts were collected within three days.

After that, the students went to the City University of Hong Kong to participate in the “Gathering Gift Boxes” on April 5, and participated in the booth and celebrations at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park on April 13 to promote caring in society.