KTLS DSE 2019 Result

We are tremendously proud to announce that our students’ result this year is very gratifying. Overall speaking, the 33222 attainment percentage is 88%. In 8 subjects, students have achieved better than the Hong Kong average at level 5 or above. One student took Japanese Language as an extra subject and got a grade ‘A’ in the Cambridge International Examination (CIE). In Chinese Language, the credit rate (level 4 or above) is 62% while in Liberal Studies it reaches 67%; as for English, the rate is nearly 60%. Yip Tsz Ting (6A) has scored 35 marks in six subjects with 5 ** in Chinese Language, 5* in English Language, Liberal Studies and Chinese Literature.

The DSE result of KTL has been reaching new heights. We congratulate our students on their brilliant results and we will keep on striving for excellence with perseverance and assiduity for more amazing results to come.