Wien and Salzburg 2019 Music Tour

The music, the sceneries, the people…. this once-in-a-lifetime experience was indeed precious to all the participants of the tour. Now we all have a chance to see their performances, with various spots of Wien and Salzburg, Austria as the backdrops. Visit the links below and enjoy their amazing renditions of some classical pieces. Read about their experience on the Souvenir Booklet as well.

Pre-tour concert 23rd Jun 2019

Votivkirche 27th Jun 2019

Peterskirche 28th Jun 2019

Outside St Stephen’s Cathedral 28th Jun 2019

Melk Abbey 29th Jun 2019

Basilica St Michael at Monsee 30th Jun 2019

Mirabel Gardens 30th Jun 2019

Souvenir Booklet: