KTL Alunma’s Green Design to Give Back to Community

Designer/alumna Ms Hung Ka Yiu Maureen, whose mother-daughter costumes were featured as exhibits in last year’s “Gallery of the Exquisitely Sensitive”- KTL 70th Anniversary Joint Section Exhibition, has recently launched her line of green products. Using her expertise to make such an innovative contribution, Maureen’s design journey was covered in the press.

Upon completing the secondary school curriculum in KTL, Maureen obtained her bachelor degree in the UK and her master degree in Fashion Womenswear in the Royal College of Art.

Maureen has been showing her support to the school, being the cover designer for KTL’s very first original music album, providing her works for the Joint Section Exhibition, and donating essential reads for VA students’ reference.

It is gratifying to see Maureen’s prominent achievements and to feel her affection for the school.

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