Information Day (8/12/2012)

An Information Day was hosted for Primary Six students and their parents in the afternoon on Saturday, 8 December 2012. Over 600 parents and students from different primary schools participated in it.
At first, our principal, vice-principals and teachers introduced the school’s mission and vision, its history and development, resources and networks developed to let parents and students have a better understanding of our school. The participants also got more ideas about life in the school through student sharing. Then, they had the opportunity to enjoy performances, like Chinese opera and orchestra presented by our students. The most impressive one was the musical performance – The Sound of Music presented by some Form Two students. They also enjoyed the interactive activities in the game stalls in the playground and the art exhibition showcasing the artistic talents of our students. They were impressed with the warm and welcoming environment and with the student ambassadors leading the well-organized school tours.

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