36th (2012-2013) P.T.A. Activities

36th (2012-2013) P.T.A. Activities
Pre-S1 Orientation
P.T.A. Annual Meeting
S1 & S2 Parents’ Day
S3 – S6 Talk
Information Day
P.T.A. Interest Course
Library Volunteers Programme
Introduction of 334 Education System Workshop
P.T.A. Lunar New Year Rice Cake
P.T.A. Poon Choi Gathering
School-Based Grant Activities
S4 & S5 Parents Meeting
NSS Curriculum and the Subject Selection Process S3 Parents’ Meeting
Anniversary Celebration
The 19th Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive
Love Home Cards
Workshop for Parents of S1-S3 students
Lunchbox sampling among students, PTA EC members and teachers for the Tuck Shop and Lunchbox Provider 2013-2015
Souvenir for S6 graduates
Cookie Making Workshop (2013-6-27)
Pre-S1 Orientation (2013-8-30)