Science & Technology Exploratory Tour to South Korea (17-21/04/2017)

During the Easter Holiday, from 17 to 21 April, 2017, the Science & Technology Exploratory Tour to South Korea was organized by the Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Departments. Three teachers and thirty students paid a visit to Digital Pavilion, LG Science Hall and Samsung D’ light in Seoul. The exhibition space and the science hall we visited were not merely a display of electronic products, but a place of interaction that allowed students to experience a new lifestyle through digital technology categorized by different themes.

The other visited places included Tidal Power Station, Energy Dream Center and Boramae Safety Experience Center. The latter one offered a simulation-based training on how to tackle disasters such as earthquakes, windstorms and fire accidents. For most students, this trip offered an eye-opening experience which enhanced their knowledge of technology and science. They have gained more than they expected.