The Last English Speaking Day and Reading Buddies Visit of This School Year (26/05/2017)

To foster our students’ English proficiency, we have been organizing English Speaking Days (ESDs) every Wednesday throughout the year. In the second term, we collaborated with other EMI subjects including Integrated Science, History, Home Economics and Geography by integrating the subject vocabulary items into our ESD materials. This Wednesday (24 May), we incorporated one of the Geography topics, climate change and global warming, into our booth games by asking students to explain all these environmental changes through picture descriptions as well as question and answer activities.

In the same week, the last representatives of our school, 4A girls, visited our Primary Section, acting as the primary students’ reading buddies and going through various English materials with them, including prose and poems. Both the “bigger” sisters and “little” angels enjoyed the activities a lot, which went beyond learning as we showed our love and care to our “siblings” in our True Light family.

We will continue all these meaningful and fruitful English learning activities in the next school year!